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Our products

Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

Logbook Suite—the extensive software package for sailors and motorboaters at sea and on inland waterways

From yachtsmen for yachtsmen (both sailors and motorboaters) and Made in Germany: The successful software package Logbook Suite for Mac, Windows and iPad includes a digital Logbook and Add-ons, which help to manage many tasks around the ship and travel on yachts. The user interface can be set up in English, German, Swedish and Dutch. Yacht owners and skippers of charter yachts from over 40 different flag states on all oceans of the world and on numerous inland waterways love to use the software which is in the market since more than five years now and is continuously developed further.
The user interface of the Logbook is orientated by the traditional, hand-written logbook, but provides the advantages of a software like the automatic analysis of nautical data and meets the official requirements of a logbook.

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

Add-ons for Logbook Suite

The software package Logbook Suite provides several Add-ons next to the digital Logbook. These Add-ons are useful little tools which help to manage many tasks around the ship and travel on yachts. The user interface can be set up in English, German, Swedish and Dutch.

  • WorldEnsigns: A visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns
  • Crew: Crew data, immigration forms, agreements
  • BoardCash: The digital cash box
  • First-Aid Kit: First aid without having to search in the medicine box
  • Inventory: Keep track of the ship's storage
  • Maintenance: The maintenance book for the ship

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

BoardCash: The digital cash box for iPhone and iPad

During sailing cruises managing the board cash box is usually not among the most popular tasks on board. However, one should keep track of the expenses and the cash position. Thanks to the many features of BoardCash this is just a cinch.

The features of BoardCash:
  • useful final evaluation "who pays what to whom"
  • handling of multiple currencies
  • the app BoardCash is compatible with the Add-on BoardCash of Logbook Suite
  • BoardCash works completely offline
  • the user interface can be set up in English, German, Swedish and Dutch

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

SignalFlags Tool: Get to know and use the international signal flags on smartphones and tablets with iOS and Android

SignalFlags Tool is the perfect little helper to get to know everything about the international signal flags. With its user friendly interface and the modern design, the app explains the meaning of both a stand-alone flag in different maritime situations as well as the meaning of the flag in combination with other flags. Many further features complete the app.

The features of SignalFlagsTool:
  • What does this flag mean?
  • writing with flags
  • decoding a text written with flags
  • arrangement of flags for a dressing overall

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

Ship's Bell: The digital ship's bell for iPhone

The principle of this bell was founded in traditional seafaring. Seafarers used the bell to keep track of their four-hourly duty watches.
The app Ship's Bell is primarily an acoustic clock that sounds half-hourly or hourly time signals. Without taking the phone out of your pocket you can easily keep track of time.

The features of Ship's Bell:
  • chime according to the seafaring tradition
  • two different kinds of chimes
  • shows the current time on a maritime 24-hour clock face
  • shows Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
  • switch to quickly enable or disable the acoustic signals

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

WorldEnsigns: The visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns for iPad

The mobile visual encyclopedia of naval ensigns is the perfect compact and reference book for all sailors, motor boat drivers, people on cruise lines, ship spotters, navigators and all with itchy feet: the perfect maritime lifestyle tool.
The navigation in WorldEnsigns is intuitive and language independent. Thanks to the numerous index functions of WorldEnsigns you can easily find flags of ships and their respective countries. The app includes 260 interactive pages for 242 countries or regions a total of 1005 flags.

The features of WorldEnsigns:
  • different search functions like search with name of the country, with known MMSI, with visual search using geometrical attributes and colors ...
  • various information on each ensign like IOC code of the country, timezone(s), official languages, groups of MMSI, groups of call signs ...
  • presentation of the different types of flags: naval ensigns (including variants for yachts), authority flags, navy flags, national flags, optional regional courtesy flags

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software, Software/Data Loggers

Lighthouses of the Baleric Islands: All relevant lighthouses of the Balearic Islands for iPad

Lighthouses of the Balearic Islands is a well designed and informative app series for all lighthouse fans, photographers, yachtsmen, sailors, Majorca holidaymakers, hikers and for many others.
The app series presents all relevant lighthouses on the Balearic Islands Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza + Formentera. For each lighthouse the app shows several impressive photos which were taken by the photographer Helmut Kraus from land or from sea. 

The features of Lighthouses of the Balearic Islands:
  • animated beacon of the lighthouse and all technical specifications contained in the official lists of lights and fog signals
  • exact position of the lighthouse in GoogleMaps
  • journey tips
  • background information on the history and the technology of the lighthouse

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Product category: Photography

Maritime Photography

The photographer and freelance graphic designer Helmut Kraus lives in Düsseldorf and on Mallorca. His passion for sailing lead the studied philosopher to the themes of his photographic works. Already in adolescents years windsurfing opened the world behind beach and pier for him and influenced his sensitivity for the inimitable beauty of the sea.
His characteristic Maritime Photography portraits the constant change of rest and motion, warm and cold as well as color and monochrome as a subjective concentration of the mood experienced at sea. This photography opens the world behind the mere seeing.
Helmut Kraus composes his photographic seascapes with an almost infinite variety of lightning effects, color nuances and contrasts. He leads the observer into limitless landscapes made of water and sky, light and color. Not only in the liquid element, but also in aged hulls of ships he traces an unique beauty. Fading artworks, created from the forces of nature and perpetuated through the camera.
The remarkable works from Helmut Kraus invite to linger meditatively in the landscapes and surfaces, to feel the peace and power of nature and to discover the essential and original.

“My camera’s lenses are used as subjective instruments. With them I make my view of the world comprehensible for others.”
Helmut Kraus (DGPh)

You will find a big selection of Helmut Kraus's photographies in the blue motion lounge in hall 6.

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About us

Company details

2K Yachting, based in Düsseldorf, Germany, is specialized in the development of innovative software for sailors and motorboaters, which is distributed through the own online shop and app stores. The successful logbook software "Logbook Suite" is available since 2011, continually developed and popular with yacht owners and skippers from over 40 flag states on all oceans. Apps like "Ship's Bell" and "SignalFlags Tool" for mobile devices extend the offer of software. The owners of 2K Yachting, photographer and designer Helmut Kraus and developer Almute Kraus, are passionate sailors with sound experience and a solid education (both are holder of the SHS, Sporthochseeschifferschein). Helmut Kraus, DGPH, captures the fascinating beauty of maritime landscapes in remarkable photographies during his numerous sailing trips.

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