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Marine Tourism and Charter

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  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
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Supply/Disposal Facilities

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
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Marina Operators/Management

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Product category: Marinas/Yacht Harbours


One of the priorities of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is to provide its users with top-quality services. The new Port Inspection Centre (CIP), which is located on the Fishing Dock, aims to consolidate this by speeding up the inspection procedures for port users and centralising the services that were previously located in different areas of the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The building, which is one of Spain’s most modern inspection infrastructures, has two floors and a total surface area of 4,655 square metres, of which 3,337 metres are useable.

The CIP includes the Official Service for the Inspection, Control and Regulation of Exports (SOIVRE), Customs and Foreign, Animal and Plant Health, bodies which are all involved in goods inspections at the Tenerife port.

In fact, the project was brought to fruition thanks to the efforts of the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife and representatives from each of these bodies.

Another important element of the services provided by the Port Authority is the Service Coordination Centre. This Centre coordinates maritime traffic and port traffic using the latest technology and provides a vital service to vessels arriving in the port and to port operations. The Centre also coordinates security services in the port facility.

The ports run by the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife have a strategic location in the capitals of the western islands with land links to the main entrance and exit routes into and out of the port facilities.In addition to its main port located in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island of Tenerife has another port facility in the south of the island. The Port of Los Cristianos links the islands of La Gomera, La Palma and El Hierro. It also has two airports, Tenerife North and Tenerife South which are 10.2 km. and 58.7 km. respectively from the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Work is currently underway to develop a third port, Granadilla, to complete the general services offered at Santa Cruz and cater for demand for transhipments in this area of the Atlantic.

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Product category: Marinas/Yacht Harbours


The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has five marinas located in port waters which have been run under concession since 1987. At the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, we find the Santa Cruz Marina in the Los Llanos Commercial Dock, and Marina Tenerife in the Fishing Dock. The La Gomera Marina is located in the Port of San Sebastian de La Gomera, whilst marinas are being constructed at the Port of Santa Cruz de La Palma and at the Port of La Estaca on the island of El Hierro.

There are currently a total of 790 moorings in the marinas located in the ports managed by the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The layout and location of the small craft docks at the ports of La Palma, La Gomera and La Estaca are almost identical in that they are situated at the end of the docks where the waters are much shallower which makes large vessel operations more difficult.

This is exactly one of the benefits of having marinas in commercial ports as they occupy port areas which are obsolete or which, because of their depth or the features of the port cannot be used for strictly port activities.

Marinas also create employment and attract tourists with high spending power thus boosting the industry and bringing the port facility closer to the city.

Along these lines, it should be mentioned that the occupancy rate in our ports’ marinas is practically 100% between September and December, when the transoceanic regattas are held. They are also the home port for between 30%-50% of the boats.

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Product category: Marinas/Yacht Harbours


The Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife works continuously to improve the infrastructures in its five ports, carrying out the work required to ensure their efficient management and operations; elements which are essential for the islands to remain interconnected by sea and connected to other territories.

In addition to the description of each of the quays and docks which make up our port facilities, we have included a brief summary of the major works underway.

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Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority is one of 28 national ports and currently manages the ports of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Santa Cruz de La Palma, Los Cristianos, San Sebastián de La Gomera and La Estaca.

The port authority performs its functions in accordance with Law 62/1997, of 26 December, an amendment of Law 27/1992, of 24 November, concerning State Ports and the Merchant Navy, under the general principle of functional and managerial autonomy, without detriment to the powers vested in the Ministry of Public Works through the Spanish port system and those corresponding to the autonomous communities.

On the assumption that these functions are performed in optimum conditions of efficiency, economy, productivity and safety, the port authority’s broad competence includes the following: undertaking, authorizing and monitoring (where appropriate) maritime and land operations related to port traffic and port services; fostering industrial and commercial activities connected to maritime and port traffic; optimizing economic management and regulating areas dedicated to port services and port uses.

For the implicit purpose of amalgamating, homogenizing and grouping the activities of the province’s five ports, Santa Cruz de Tenerife Port Authority coordinates and safeguards the adequate organization and use of all elements involved in preserving and maintaining port facilities. Accordingly, facilities are not only adapted to comply with prevailing safety measures but also to incorporate state-of-the-art technologies for maritime traffic and port infrastructure.

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