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  • 01.02.01  Inflatable Boats
  • 01  Boats and Yachts
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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.09  Safety Equipment
  • 03.09.02  Life Rafts

Life Rafts

Our products

Product category: Inflatable Boats

Yachtline 470

The Zodiac® YACHTLINE series has been specifically designed to complement your Yacht. The Zodiac® Yachtline focuses on convenience. The bow teak step, combined with the teak covered rear steps, facilitatehassle-free boarding. This ease of boarding,coupled with a newly designed, mooringfriendly bow rail, make the Zodiac® Yachtline the premiere yacht tender on the market.

In order to occupy as little space as possible on your boat, Zodiac® Yachtlines feature a compact design. However, interior seating was not compromised in the Yachtline series, and every Yachtline features comfortable seating for all passengers.

Conveniently located spacious lockers provide valuable storage space.

The three new tube colours (grey, camel and marine blue) provide the opportunity to harmonize your tender with your boat. These new tubes are made of Hypalon™- Neoprene™ fabric, which provides better resistance to UV radiation and abrasion. In addition, tubes are easily removed for maintenance and repair. Aside from tendering duties, the Yachtline can also suit your recreational activities (waterskiing, tubing, etc). Yachtlines feature great sea-keeping qualities, and plane quickly as a result of their patented Zodiac® Nautic integrated trim flaps.

The +

New bow rail with teak covered step to provide safe boarding at the bow + LED lights
New teak covered lateral steps providing safe boarding at the stern of the boat
New tube design with three colour options (grey, camel, marine blue)
Integral flaps facilitating quick planing of the boat (Zodiac® Nautic patent)
Removable Hypalon™-Neoprene™buoyancy tubes
Integral fuel tank
Easy access to storage locker
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Product category: Life-Jackets, Life Rafts

Open Sea Iso 9650

Compact – Complete and upgradeable equipment – Easy boarding

Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts belong to the Type 1 category, ie they are designed for sailing on the open sea, and are thus adapted to the risks incurred on long voyages (high winds and heavy seas). They are available in Group A: rafts designed to inflate correctly at an ambient air temperature of between -15°C and 65°C.

The Open Sea ISO 9650 rafts are produced with equipment for less than or more than 24 hours. In order to meet the needs of your sailing programme (long distances, trips, etc.), the under-24 hours version can be transformed with the greatest of ease into the over-24 hours version with the addition of a grab bag. Buoyant and watertight, it contains the supplementary equipment necessary when you have to wait longer to be rescued, and is equipped with an attachment system for increased safety.
The Open Sea ISO 9650 is available in 4 models, accomodating  4 to 10 people, and are packed in a container or a valise. Our 4 models are:
Open Sea ISO 9650 4P
Open Sea ISO 9650 6P
Open Sea ISO 9650 8P
Open Sea ISO 9650 10P
* The ISO 9650 standard is intended to improve and harmonise design standards for Liferafts. It distinguishes 2 categories of rafts: “Type 1” for ocean navigation and “Type 2” for coastal navigation (the ISO 9650 standard does not impose any limit between coastal and open sea sailing).

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Product category: Inflatable Boats

Cadet Rib

Light, Compact and Cost-efficient

Generous by their interior dimensions, quality of the components used and built to last, the CADET RIB will provide your boat with elegance.

Our product range :

Cadet Rib 260 NEO/PVC 2,6m/8’6″
Cadet Rib 290 NEO/PVC 2,9m/9’6″
Cadet Rib 310 NEO/PVC 3,1m/10’2″
Cadet Rib 340 NEO/PVC 3,4m/11’2″
Cadet Rib 390 NEO 3,9m/12’10”
+ :

Large diameter buoyancy tube: + stability
Choice of fabric: Strongan™ or Hypalon™-Neoprene™
Generous seating: great comfort of use
Available in white on Hypalon™-Neoprene™ fabric versions

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Product category: Inflatable Boats, Dinghies

Futura Mark III

Available in Fastroller and Aluminium

ZODIAC™ technology designed the patented FUTURA hull. It is formed from a large-diameter keel plus two perfectly proportioned cushioning buoyancy tubes placed under the base of the boat. When underway, the hull rests solely on the cushioning tubes – reducing drag and increasing lift – providing outstandingly easy handling and extreme thrills!

Accessories plus an adjustable steering position (all possible to assemble and dismantle without tools) combined with the ability to plane even when heavily laden, make this a craft that is equally comfortable for crew and passengers.

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Product category: Inflatable Boats

N-ZO 700 Cabin

These four new N-ZO ribs enjoy the benefits of innovations incorporated into the hull and deck design.

Armed with the success of the N-ZO 700 Cabin, Zodiac® has once again drawn on the talent of the renowned Italian designer, Vittorio Garroni, to design these boats with exclusive lines. These new boats have also been produced in accordance with specific technical specifications to meet the most frequently demanded requirements of recreational sailors.

We have endeavoured to design boats that are both safe and comfortable. They enjoy the benefits of many Zodiac® innovations.

The safety provided by a semi-rigid boat is well established. The N-ZO range benefits from the experience of Zodiac® in the design of the hulls and utilizes two innovative features:

New technology used on the Zodiac® shell, equipped with a V-hull, which offers unmatched sea keeping and handling.
The generous height of the free-boards, thanks to the size of its buoyancy tube and the special structure of the hull, turn the cabin into a “cocoon” for its passengers.

The new N-ZOs are pleasure boats to be shared with others. Particular attention has been paid to the comfort of passengers, both when sailing and when moored. Three innovative features have been included in the deck design:

Best use has been made of the on board space. The deck lay-out has been designed to facilitate safe moving around on-board. A new console, called an “Air Console”, more raised, has made it possible to minimise the floor space used and increase your boat’s interior space.
The areas for entertaining have been enhanced. All N-ZO models have a spacious aft saloon which can seat a number of people and which offers direct access to the aft bathing platform.
The modular design of the boats has not been overlooked. The N-ZO range is equipped with a new bow sunbathing system “Reverse & Sun” which allows an extensive sundeck to be put in place in a matter of seconds by simply unfolding the structure.
The new N-ZO range therefore comprises boats that are aesthetically pleasing, seaworthy, spacious, and particularly safe.

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As the ideal companion for escaping routine, a Zodiac boat is the safest way to discover all the pleasures of boating

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