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Diving Accessories

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Product category: Diving Suits/Jackets

Trilaminate drysuits

The RS line is a line of trilayer drysuits conceived with the first RS 450. During these past years, thanks to direct experience and invaluable advice of technician friends, these dry suits have become one of the highest quality products on the market nowadays.

The main feature that differentiates all RS drysuits is the material.
You can find the Ferguson trilaminate with polyester lining in the RS450 K and RS450 CAVE, a lightweight and a breathable trilaminate in RS350 HD.
For reinforcements we chose the Cordura® 1000 which goes to cover the shoulders, elbows, forearms, sitting, knees, shins, crotch and chest in the RS450 K and RS350 HD. In the RS450 CAVE the Cordura® 1000 reinforcement is symmetrical and covers the entire chest, while the sturdy Kevlar protects forearms, elbows and the front of the leg.

Thermo taping
One feature that all of our trilayer dry suits share, is the internal thermotaping.
To make these suits watertight we opted for a solution that ensures a good seal and at the same time is soft and flexible. Moreover the heat welding, unlike other methods, allows to remove the old tape to replace it with a new one. We also preferred this method over others because it is not detrimental to the health of those who must apply it.

Made in Italy
All trilayer drysuits are entirely made in Italy, more precisely in Sori, Liguria.
Models, made by Roberto Scerbo and now improved thanks to a huge experience and all the invaluable advice of technician friends, have created a series of dry suits in trilaminate with unique design proudly worthy of the highest Italian design. 

Quality and attention to detail
Finally the most important feature of all our suits: the attention to detail.
During every phase of the production of the suit we pay the closest attention, this is why the quality of the finished product is so high. Examples of this are our models for women that fit so well. Examples of this are the ever-excellent comfort and freedom of movement, on suits with such rigid materials too, thanks to the carefully studied cut, with special regard to the most critical points, such as armpits and crotch. The choice of material, from trilaminate to the thread to the metal parts, involved hours and hours and hours of research and tests. The last in chronological order, but perhaps the most important, are the tests on each suit to check its dryness before each shipment.

The diver can customize trilaminate drysuits as he likes, upon request and payment.
Neck: standard neck is latex, but you can choose the neoprene neck seal and even choose the interchangeable neck (silicone or latex).
Wrists: standard cuff is latex, but you may prefer the interchangeable cuff, and mount the dry gloves later on.
Dry gloves: you can have the suit already with rings for dry gloves.
Boots: standard boots are neoprene, but you can choose the neoprene sock to be worn under a lace-up boot with a rigid technical lug sole (Rock Boot).
P-valve: The standard suits only have reinforcements for the p-valve, but you can choose to have the suit with a Light Monkey p-valve already fitted.
Standard the suit is a "all-black" look, but you can request some color changes for overlay and seams for RS450 K and RS350 HD. 
The availability of colored Cordura ranges from blue to green, to red, to gray. This year you can also choose between two different "combinations": one classic and one with wrist with Cordura gray, gray seams and colored shoulders.

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Product category: Diving Suits/Jackets

Technical Rear Donut BCDs

Rofos proposes RAY, a line of technical rear donut jackets.
On the surface the jackets ensure excellent support even with heavy equipment.
Underwater, the feeling is that of great stability and hydrodynamics, with an ease of management never seen before.
The air volumes are well distributed and whatever position you may assume underwater, you’ll always be able to manage the air with ease and precision.
The rear valve can be reached with extreme ease and is placed optimally for unloading.
The loading button on the inflator has a simple and robust design.

The models come with four different capacities and are designed for double tanks.
The 30 pounds model goes with 7 + 7 and 8.5 + 8.5 tanks, 40 pounds with the 10 + 10 and 12 + 12, 50 pounds with the 15 + 15 and 16 + 16, and 60 pounds with the 18 + 18 and 20 +20.

It is available in three versions: all black, gray-black, and red-gray-black.

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Product category: Diving Accessories

Neoprene hoods

The new GLIDE Rofos hood comes from experience in working neoprene and in the production of wetsuits for underwater spearfishing agonists.
The material chosen for its manufacture and the cut make it particularly comfortable and very warm.

Technical features
Neoprene single-lined high smoothness 5mm, 7mm or 9mm.
Outer lining superstretch.
Crest and latera, chin and neck in different thickness (5mm, 5/7mm, 7/9mm).
Built in only 3 or 4 pieces.
Label on the neck where you can write your name.

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Product category: Diving Suits/Jackets

Polaris Stretch Pro

Polaris Stretch Pro will be available from March! 
This is one of the three models of semi-drysuits that we offer. Our semi-drysuits are characterized by the 7 mm thickness. This one have one Cordura pocket. 

Technical features
Entirely Made in Italy.
7/5 mm differentiated thickness: the body is 7 mm while the knees and elbows are 5 mm to make it easier to move.
Dry technopolymer zip with zip cover protection, placed horizontally from shoulder to shoulder to avoid restricting your movements.
Ergonomic shaped sleeve and leg cut.
Single-lined 4 mm neoprene wrist and ankles cuffs with excellent glide.
3 mm superstretch neoprene collar to be folded over, shaped for a perfect dry seal without squeezing too tightly.
Knees with durable scrape-resistant yet flexible covering.
One Cordura 1000 pocket, capacious, self-draining, closed with high strength straps and equipped with three rubber bands inside it.
Available separately the hoods.
Fully lined with megastretch.

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About us

Company details

From our founding to today 
Rofos is a dive suit manufacturing company founded nearly 30 years ago in 1985, by Roberto Scerbo. 

Since his childhood, Roberto has always nurtured his great passion for the sea and underwater sports. 

After 30 years the company has grown, and now comes to cover the whole Italian territory, and to serve several countries abroad. 

He also increased the typology of wetsuits proposed: from the production of wetsuits and accessories, to neoprene drysuits; in these past years he has come to produce, with immense pride, the first technical BC and the RS line of tri-laminate dry suits. 

Many aspects of how production is organized have changed, the company philosophy and quality of its products have remained the same since the beginning. First in line:
- the quality of the materials we use;
- the attention to detail during production;
- the focus in the offered services to always ensure speed, professionalism and fairness.

Roberto indeed has never stopped taking care of the practical part of the production and tries to convey in each suit the passion that has not yet abandoned him.

Roberto personally drew the precious models that are still a source of pride for Rofos: they are the necessary basis for making a good wetsuit.
For this reason, a good portion of the models is constantly fine tuned in the smallest detail, also thanks to feedback we’ve received.

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