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Our range of products

Product categories

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.15  Electronic Chart Systems

Electronic Chart Systems

  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.18  Computer Systems/Software
  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.02  Navigation/Communication/Equipment/Electronics
  • 03.02.23  Weather Monitoring

Weather Monitoring

Our products

Product category: Computer Systems/Software

AdrenaFirst Navigation Software

Prepare your cruise thanks to AdrenaFirst
What is the distance to the next mooring? How long will last the navigation? What heading should I take? What is the minimum depth to moore? How will turn the wind today, tonight?
AdrenaFirst will not only help you access all those data but also offer many other functions like instruments calibration, weather Grib display, currents...

Race with AdrenaFirst
Advanced racers, amateurs or cruisers, AdrenaFirst is also an alternative to race management. All the ADRENA software have been designed for racing, even AdrenaFirst range which is offering the prestart management, the laylines, the IRC/HN ranking...

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Product category: Computer Systems/Software

Adrena Inshore

Besides the standard functions for navigation and mapping, it is an excellent tool for tactical decision making (capable of calculating more than 100 data).

Thanks to its unique ergonomy, Adrena Navigation Software displays accurate data for each course phase with no user intervention on computer.

During prestart, it displays the line, gives its advantage, time to reach it or to change side...

During the race, the data are adjusted regarding the course phase running : target speed, target VMG, polar efficiency, downwind target angle, next leg prediction...

In addition to the racing functions, it also offers many other functions:
AdrenaFirst & Optima functions
Touch screen mode

  • Route planning
  • Calibration of instruments
  • Reading and display of GRIBS
  • Meteograms
  • AIS Function
  • Alarm Function
  • Roadbook

  • Management of the start, windward/leeward and coastal courses
  • Monitoring of competitors
  • Calculation of corrected time IRC / HN
  • Integration of the current with laylines and time to the marks.
  • Safe Starting Area
Performance Analysis
  • Graphs of data: histograms
  • Replay function
  • Best performance within 24hrs

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Product category: Electronic Chart Systems, Computer Systems/Software, Weather Monitoring

AdrenaPro Inshore

Perfect configuration for pro inshore racing.
Essential for enhancing your performance in high-level racing and match racing, it is equipped with extra features compared to Standard range and with all the OptimaPro functions to offer sophisticated tools for route analysis, Sailect and speed polars creation, as well as advanced functions for windward-leeward loops management.

It was created in synergy with the back cell of Areva Challenge during the America's Cup 2007 and meets the needs of the most demanding navigators and tacticians thanks to an ergonomic interface and innovating algorithm.

Key features:
Adrena Inshore & OptimaPro functions
Touch screen mode
  • Viewing of digital data around the main screen
  • «Grid» of laylines around the marks
  • Differentiation between polar and polar performance during the start and after the start on the race course
  • Adjustment of polars while sailing
  • Acceleration and turning speed of the boat taken into account
  • Calculation of different assumptions to reach the line: direct, tacking, gybing, sailing above a layline, through any point of the start line
  • Backwash from the committee boat taken into account
  • Calculation of average wind for a selected time period
  • Indication of layline zones
  • Management of a leeward gate with option to delay your decision about which mark to round until the last moment

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About us

Company details

Adrena, innovative company

ADRENA is a company specialized in navigation software and performance analysis. Located near Nantes in France, Adrena provides three ranges of product - First, Standard and Pro. Thanks to a complete and progressive offer that fits any level of sailing, the software satisfies the amateur through to professional teams alike.

Adrena launched in 2003 its first software, Optima, which is still today the only one able to generate real speed polars and performance studies from water records.

The Sailect function has been developed with North Sails France in order to cartography and analyze the sails ranges.

These 3 ranges center around two versions: regatta or offshore. Offshore version includes the routing function which contributes to the reputation of the company.

Adrena assists skippers along their navigation and provides tactical decision-making tools adapted to their needs: GRIB weather files loading, performance analysis, routing, etc. As well as various functions related to safety (MOB, AIS or alarms) in order to guarantee secure navigations to any level of sailing – cruising and high-level regatta alike.

Passionate, accessible and efficient, Adrena team places huge importance on customer satisfaction. Thanks to a recognized know-how, Adrena became in a few years the French market leader in software for regatta sailing and ocean racing. The company now supplies 100% of Vendée Globe and Volvo Ocean Race skippers and has never stopped developing, perfecting and diversifying its products.

In 2014, ADRENA decided to diversify its activities by using its expertise in routing optimization and performance analysis in order to enter on a new market. The company created AdrenaShip, a navigation software aimed at shipping (freighter, ferry, tanker, LNG, fishing boat, Offshore operations, cruiser, Super Yacht, etc.)

The objective of the software is to optimize the route and the speed of the ship in order to manage fuel consumption, operating cost and ETA while ensuring secure navigation.

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