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  • 03  Shipping/Yachting Equipment and Accessories
  • 03.01  Electric/Electric Systems
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Our products

Product category: Power Supply Modules/Generating Sets

The new Panda 5000i.Neo - Innovative engine and generator technology designed by Fischer Panda at boot Düsseldorf

The first diesel engine developed by Fischer Panda has gone into serial production.

The FPE 320, Fischer Panda's fully water-cooled, 1-cylinder engine which is particularly light in weight will be fitted inside the Panda 5000i.Neo generator which replaces the very successful Panda 5000i generator. The new Panda 5000i.Neo celebrated its Germany premiere at boot 2016.

The feedback from customers who have already installed a Panda 5000i.Neo generator in their yacht was positive throughout regarding the low noise level, vibration and the space/performance ratio.

Like all Fischer Panda inverter generators with load-dependent, variable speed control, the new model "Panda 5000i.Neo" is characterised by its high efficiency, quiet operation and compact design. Another advantage of the new inverter technology is the significant reduction of exhaust emissions and fuel consumption.

At the beginning of 2017, the new Panda 4000s.Neo with constant speed is planned to be fitted with the new engine as well. Fischer Panda will present the first 4000s.Neo at boot 2017 in Düsseldorf.

The next step will be the production of vehicle generators with Fischer Panda's new engine FPE 320.

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Product category: Generators/Alternators

Low Fuel Consumption - High Efficiency - Fischer Panda Inverter Generators With Variable Speed

Thanks to their modern diesel engines with variable speed Fischer Panda iSeries generators are the perfect solution when skippers have varying power requirements on board their boats.

When this is the case, the iSeries generators can offer remarkable fuel savings compared to conventional fixed-speed generators.

The electrical load is provided with a constant output voltage via the inverter. The speed of the diesel engine is adjusted according to the appliances in use.

In a recent test with a Panda 60i PMS marine generator (nominal output: 48 kW), at 20 % of the nominal output the fuel saving was 30 % compared to an equivalent fixed speed generator

Even at 30 kW which is 62.5 % of the nominal output of the Panda 60i PMS, the fuel saving was 10 %.

Depending on the customers' individual requirements they can choose between different iSeries generator models varying between 3 kW and 120 kW.

Stephan Backes, Managing Director of Fischer Panda explains another advantage of the iSeries generators: "The light load issue does not arise with the variable speed technology. When operating a fixed-speed generator especially with a nominal output ˃ 50 kW, very often it requires a minimum load. So, if the power needed on board is too low, a dummy load must be switched on. This is something that owners of our iSeries generators do not have to worry about."

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Product category: Power Supply Modules/Generating Sets, Generators/Alternators

The new generator control of Fischer Panda - xControl

In the age of modern data communication and energy systems it is always important to include the power generator into existing control and regulation systems. With their xControl Fischer Panda now provides a very efficient and customer-friendly control for their asynchronous generators with fixed speed which have been on the market for more than 25 years.

The xControl highlights the use of components from the automobile industry, it is simple and quick to install and features the new SAE J1939 communication interface. The whole package is completed with an intuitive control interface and different configuration possibilities including an error memory.

With immediate effect, this control is available for all generators in the 6 - 12kW performance class; the 15 - 25kW performance class is almost ready for series-production.

The operator can switch between various languages on the operating panel and receives current status information about the generator. Via an optional communication interface such messages can be easily transferred to another information system of the boat by means of the SAE J1939 protocol.

Further settings are available in the "Service Menu" in the event of a failure or during servicing. The operator panel and other devices such as fuel pump, emergency stop, additional pumps or switches and additional remote control panels can be easily connected to the generator.

The new xControl sets a further milestone in the generator development of Fischer Panda.

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Product category: Other Engines/Drives, Generators/Alternators

New at Fischer Panda: The parallel hybrid drive motor running at low speeds

Fischer Panda now offers a drive motor running at 600 rpm.

This means that the 10 kW drive system has a torque of 160 Nm and the 20 kW drive system 320 Nm.

The boat can achieve a very good manoeuvrability thanks to the high thrust at the propeller.

Motors for both the 10 kW and 20 kW systems are equipped with a seawater pump; seawater cooling is now possible together with a heat exchanger.

Further advantages of the parallel hybrid drive:
·         high efficiency thanks to permanent magnet technology
·         brushless - low maintenance
·         aluminium housing - very good thermal conductivity
·         water cooling - well suited for high environmental temperatures
·         no gearbox - very quiet operation
·         output data = power on shaft

The parallel hybrid drive system is perfectly suited as an auxiliary drive for large boats and commercial ships fitted with a conventional combustion engine and gearbox. The drive motor is mounted parallel to the existing drive shaft.

The main engine and electric motor are individually coupled with the shaft. It is not necessary to refit the main engine. The system can be easily installed by any shipyard.

Recently, the Fischer Panda team installed two parallel hybrid drive systems into a yacht in Dubai. The new motors with a speed of 600 rpm operated perfectly and proved to be the right choice. They allow the skipper to choose between:

1.    the full speed of two diesel engines (2 x 507 kW) with which the boat can drive at 23 kn
2.    electrical and silent cruising at 6.3 kn by means of two 20 kW drive systems supplied by Fischer Panda

The electric drive motors meet all the essential requirements of the applicable European directives and standards. They are operated with very low voltages of <60 V DC and guarantee maximum safety regarding operation and installation.

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Power - wherever you are

Fischer Panda GmbH, based in Paderborn/Germany is a worldwide renowned manufacturer of diesel generators, hybrid and drive systems for mobile marine and vehicle applications.

Fischer Panda supplies energy systems from a single source. We provide individual solutions to ensure that our customers have mobile power around the clock just like at home - wherever they are. We make use of advanced technologies ensuring an environmentally friendly energy supply to meet all our customers' requirements.

Fischer Panda generators are the ideal choice for both leisure and professional boating. Unrivalled for reliability and durability making them the factory choice for customers all over the world.

The generators are small, light, quiet and very efficient.

They are housed in a sound-insulated capsule which minimises noise and vibration during operation. In addition, our generators are compactly constructed so that they only require a small amount of space for their installation on board a boat or a truck.

The generators supply power to electrical systems on board, electric drives and complete mobile energy systems as well as diving compressors and air conditioning systems.The Fischer Panda product range includes over 200 different generators from 2.5 kW up to 200 kW.Our Panda i-Series generators with inverter technology are particularly interesting. Thanks to their proven variable speed control exhaust emissions and fuel consumption of this model are considerably low. We have also been able to reduce space and weight by up to 50 %, which, of course, benefits the very limited space on board.

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