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Product category: Stabilisers

Magnus stabilizers

The RotorSwing Magnus yacht stabilizer has been developed by RotorSwing Marine, and is based on the Magnus effect.

The yacht owner who mainly is looking for a stabilized yacht while cruising, will benefit from this yacht stabilizer.

Many yacht owners are looking for an affordable yacht stabilizer that is both retractable and efficient during lower cruising speeds.  The RotorSwing Magnus also offers a so called RAKE function whereby the Rotors are being set at an angle to limit drag.  With less drag, we see lower fuel consumption!

The RotorSwing Magnus yacht stabilizer is fully retractable. The Rotors automatically retract while idling or while going astern.  Another safety feature from RotorSwing Marine!

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Product category: Stabilisers

The WING yacht Stabilizer

The newest invention from RotorSwing is called the WING Yacht Stabilizer. This new patented system offers control for:

  • Roll damping while cruising
  • Roll damping at anchor
  • Pitch damping
  • Yaw control (yacht stabilization for a following sea)
  • Trim control (yacht trim tab)
  • Emergency propulsion (when the engines fail)
  • Dynamic positioning
The multi-functionality is what makes the WING a huge success.

A yacht owner should not only demand comfort while sailing at half wind (roll damping), but with any type of wind or sea condition.  Roll damping at anchor is another great benefit which makes yachting pleasurable again!

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Product category: Stabilisers


Zerospeed is an option available both for the Magnus RotorSwing and the Wing Yacht Stabilizer. While at anchorage or at slow throttle below 3 knots, the Zerospeed function keeps your yacht very stable. Roll damping at anchor is an important feature if you demand comfort on-board.

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Product category: Stabilisers

Zerospeed option with Magnus Rotorswing

RotorSwing Marine has conducted many tests with the combination Zersospeed on Magnus RotorSwing systems. You and your crew will now enjoy stability while at anchor. The Magnus Rotors swing back and forth while spinning over its own axis to generate lift at the correct moment.

There is nothing worse than to try to enjoy the view of a nice bay or island at anchor when the ship continues to rock back and forth. Roll damping at anchor or adrift is also important while being pestered by fast passing boats or freights. The RotorSwing armed with the Zerospeed option will provide you with a steady ship while sailing and while at anchor. Comfort is our priority!

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Product category: Stabilisers

Zerospeed option with WING yacht stabilizer

The WING Yacht Stabilizer is a complex piece of technology. It lends itself perfectly however for roll damping at anchor! The optional Zerospeed function swings back and forth while at an angle to provide roll damping at anchor or adrift. The results are very similar to the Magnus Rotorswing. If your plan is to enjoy anchorage or travel from time to time at slow speeds, Zerospeed is the solution.

The WING yacht stabilizer is very silent and can be installed on most ships below 35 meters (115 feet). Roll damping at anchor needs to be experienced to believe.

Ask RotorSwing Marine for a test ride on one of their own vessels installed with the WING yacht stabilizer or Magnus Rotorswing.

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About us

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Yacht stabilizers from Rotorswing

There are many advantages to the yacht stabilizers from RotorSwing compared to other roll damping system on the market.

The most important advantages is that the system is a retractable Magnus effect stabilizer and that it provides an unsurpassed roll damping at lower speeds.  The RotorSwing yacht stabilizer is also extremely silent and is outfitted with the patented RAKE function, to minimize drag while cruising at higher speeds. RotorSwing yacht stabilizers are affordable and provide the best solution for roll damping up to 15 knots.

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