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Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography


New Housing for Canon 5D Mark IV

Nauticam is proud to announce a new underwater housing crafted specifically for the latest Canon full frame digital SLR camera, EOS-5D Mk IV.

The 5D series has an impressive record of feature set advancements. The 2005, Canon 5D was the first full frame DSLR camera available with a "standard" body size. In 2008, 5D Mark II became the first full frame DSLR capable of HD video. The new 5D Mark IV offers the highest dynamic range sensor ever released by Canon, and 4K video recording.  These performance improvements are major upgrades from previous models, benefitting both still photo and motion capture!

5D Mark IV  is the embodiment of a hybrid camera system, providing compelling feature sets for still photo and video capture underwater.  Never before has there been a camera that excels so well at both disciplines.

Still photographers will love the 61 point autofocus system shared with 1DX Mark II for its fast acquisition and reliable tracking of moving subjects.  The new 30 megapixel sensor with on chip analog to digital conversion offers plenty of resolution with high dynamic range capture ideal for pulling shadow and mid-tone detail out of strongly backlit images.

The 5D Mark IV motion capture feature set might provide even more motivation to upgrade!  Previous 5D versions were acclaimed for their faithful color representation in a wide range of underwater shooting scenarios.  5D Mark IV still has that unmatched "Canon Color", and is now Capable of recording 4K at 30 fps with usable autofocus thanks to the Canon Dual Pixel AF system.

Canon 5D Mark IV Key Specifications

  • New 30.4MP CMOS full-frame sensor with Dual Pixel AF
  • DCI 4K 30/24p video using Motion JPEG + 4K Frame Grab
  • 61-point AF system with 41 cross-type sensors (center point sensitive to -3 EV)
  • Dual Pixel AF (sensitive to -4EV) for continuous Servo AF in stills (first for a full-frame Canon camera) and video
  • ISO 100-32000 (expandable to 102400)
  • 7 fps continuous shooting
  • Dual Pixel Raw (image microadjustment, bokeh shift, ghosting reduction)
  • 150,000-pixel RGB+IR metering sensor
  • 1.62M-dot 3.2" full-time touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi w/ NFC + GPS
  • Built-in bulb timer interval timers
  • Improved weather-sealing

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography

Nauticam Alexa Mini

Arri Alexa is the undisputed king of the feature film and commercial production video worlds, and the latest form factor iteration brings the amazing Alexa image quality into a super-lightweight carbon fiber body that is less than half the length of an Alexa XT, and weighs 2.3 kg / 5 lbs.

Arri Alexa is the undisputed king of the feature film and commercial production video worlds, and the latest form factor iteration brings the amazing Alexa image quality into a super-lightweight carbon fiber body that is less than half the length of an Alexa XT, and weighs 2.3 kg / 5 lbs.
This housing has been produced in collaboration with HydroFlex, the world's leading underwater cinema equipment rental house, owned by Pete Romano, ASC.  Pete has over 30 years experience designing underwater housings for motion picture cameras, and numerous credits as Underwater Director of Photography from some of Hollywood's most memorable feature films.  Pete's expertise, combined with the unmatched Nauticam design and manufacturing capability, form the perfect underwater housing system for Alexa Mini - available for rent at HydroFlex Partners worldwide.

Alexa Mini is ideal for use on drones, gimbals, and integrates perfectly into the Nauticam Cinema System.  The 4:3 Alexa sensor, complete with anamorphic de-squeeze, ArriRAW, and ProRes recording in camera to CFast 2.0 cards in an underwater system. Footage that cuts seamlessly with other Alexa cameras on set, with the same workflow.

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Product category: Lighting/Underwater Video/Photography


NA-7DMKII Housing Canon 7DmkII camera

NA-7DMKII Housing
Nauticam is pleased to announce it’s underwater camera housing for the Canon 7D Mark II, the NA-7DMKII. The production, ready-to-dive NA-7DMKII made it’s debut at the 2014 Dive Equipment Manufacturers Association trade show in Las Vegas, Nevada, November 19th - 22nd. 

The NA-7DMKII Housing
It Is clearly true that the NA-7DMKII is an improvement over the original NA-7D housing, but Nauticam has come so astonishingly far in the last 5 years that this really is not a useful comparison. The NA-7D was an important housing for Nauticam (see the sidebar about that), but Nauticam SLR housings have advanced considerably. Take for example the housing latches. The NA-7D was the last Nauticam housing to use the "old school" stainless steel buckle style latches. The NA-7DMKII takes advantage of the simple yet secure locking latches that have since become famous. These latches are more secure, effortless to close, and eliminate the knuckle busting snap of the old buckles. The NA-7DMKII represents the ideal example of current Nauticam housing design.

Nauticam's patented Port Locking Lever is as simple to operate as ever, enabling easy port changes without twisting or excessive force.  A vacuum reset button inside the port mount also allows the vacuum system to be quickly reset from the port mount making quick lens changes a snap. These touches further reduce the stress of proper gear preparation and allow more time for diving. 

Added to these now standard features are ergonomic refinements that further enhance the imaging experience for both still photo and motion imaging enthusiasts.  A new dual function lever under the right handle brings ISO and M Fn (used for AF area pattern) out to the fingertips of the user.  Nauticam's signature multi selector pad, found on the Nikon line and NA-70D, provides easy access to all 65 focus points and the ability to move on the diagonals without stair stepping.  All of the core functions needed to operate the camera are at the users fingertips, and available by feel.

The NA-7DMKII is the most refined Nauticam SLR housing to date. Every camera function is made easier by careful thought and design, aided by input from photographers who will actually use this camera. The housing borrows the best from recent housings like the NA-D810 and the NA-5DMKIII, and incorporates new enhancements to key exposure controls for both video and still photo users.

New to the Nauticam housings for Canon SLR's, the NA-7DMKII will feature a lever to activate or deactivate the camera's popup flash. While this task can be accomplished in the Canon menus, it is easier and faster to disable or enable flash with this lever.  

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