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Product categories

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.01  Marina/Harbour Equipment

Marina/Harbour Equipment

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.02  Floating Stages

Floating Stages

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.03  Landing Stages

Landing Stages

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.04  Docks
  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.05  Pontoons
  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.06  Floating Islands

Floating Islands

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.08  Supply/Disposal Facilities

Supply/Disposal Facilities

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.02  Water-Sports Facilities/Equipment
  • 13.02.09  Electric Systems

Electric Systems

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.03  Marina Construction/Services
  • 13.03.01  Marina planning/Design/Development

Marina planning/Design/Development

  • 13  Marinas/Docks/Harbor Facilities
  • 13.03  Marina Construction/Services
  • 13.03.02  Marina and Harbour Construction

Marina and Harbour Construction

Our products

Product category: Marina/Harbour Equipment, Floating Stages, Landing Stages, Docks, Pontoons, Floating Islands, Supply/Disposal Facilities, Electric Systems, Marina planning/Design/Development, Marina and Harbour Construction

Floating pontoons

The application, location and local conditions are important factors in the preparation of any design. Inter Boat Marinas will gladly prepare a design specification for your project, based on the following floating pontoon systems: 

- System Atlantic: hot-dip galvanized steel frame;
- System Laguna: seawater resistant aluminum frame;
- Floats: stainless steel reinforced concrete float / polyethylene float / polyethylene tubes;
- System Mylos: concrete floating blocks with profiled deck surface;
- System Interfloat: concrete pontoon with profiled deck surface;
- System Breakwater: heavy concrete pontoon of a special design;
- System Connect-A-Dock: plastic modular floating pontoons;
- System Olympia: pontoon with a special low freeboard.

We offer a wide range of possible deck finish on our floating pontoons:

- Hardwood
- Impregnated softwood
- Wood composite
- Plastic decking
- Plastic & GRP grates
- Hot-dip galvanized grates
- Stainless steel grates
- Aluminum grates
- Finished concrete (also in colour)

There are a wide range of options available for these solutions including colour, profile and design.

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About us

Company details

Pontoons & Marinas - Turnkey Solutions
Live and move with the water. Floating pontoons, bridges and terraces make water accessible.

Building marinas is our specialty! You can also use our floating pontoons as floating (restaurant) terrace, rowing, swimming, fishing or canoe pontoon. It is also possible to use our concrete floating pontoons as a floating base for a holiday home, marina office, petrol station etc.

The possibilities are endless!

Inter Boat Marinas - The company
Inter Boat Marinas, founded in 1986, is a specialist in the design, development, manufacture and installation of floating pontoons and marinas. We offer a complete turnkey service to our customers. Over 1,200 projects have been delivered during the last few years in the Netherlands, across Europe and beyond. Our clients include developers, government, water sports clubs and many individuals who have been using our floating pontoons to their full satisfaction for a long time.

Turnkey Service
We are specialized in the design and construction of marinas, complete with all necessary facilities. With the Inter Boat Marinas Turnkey Service formula, we can assist you with expert advice, support and delivery on all the aspects of your projects water based construction work, including the construction of floating/fixed pontoons, piling, sheet piling, dredging, utility services, fences, access solutions, boat ramps and crane facilities.

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