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Product category: Diving Schools


Stop the stress, relax, dive!

Is the stress around you affecting your daily life? Do the rules of the world stop you from feeling really free? Would you like to get closer to nature? There is just one way to do this: cross the final frontier!

Below the surface of the sea there exists a different world that will make you want to live there forever. A world made up of thousands of sounds, colors and countless millions of life forms. A world in which you will feel truly free, only responsible for yourself.

Discover how easy it is to venture into the underwater world and enjoy a liberating and unspoiled environment.

All you have to do is decide when and how to get started: PSS is ready to guide you in this exciting adventure.

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Product category: Diving Schools

Learn, wherever you are.

Content of great cultural value, cutting-edge teaching technology and the continuous updating of standards and educational programs have earned PSS the title as the leader in the field of diving education.

Thanks to ongoing research into the latest technologies and the development of new training solutions, you can now learn to scuba dive quickly and easily from any device.

In fact, the PSS applications the only ones designed and developed for use with PCs, tablets and smartphones.

Manuals, quizzes, training videos and the possibility to interact with the instructor... all in your pocket!

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Product category: Diving Schools

evo - The most advanced study system, from the most avant-garde diver training agency

PSS was the first training agency in the world to develop an Elearning applied to diving focusing, when internet was in its infancy, on new technology that would revolutionize the way we learn. Since then, PSS Elearning has never stopped evolving, integrating new functions such as multimedial areas that have earned it, as well as the title as the first elearning in the history of diving, the title as the most advanced "cutting-edge" study system.
Elearning has evolved into "PSS EVO": the only "Flipped Teaching" study system in the world to be applied to diving.

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Product category: Diving Schools


Training at 360 degrees

PSS Worldwide deals with the training of divers at any level and in any activity, from free diving to recreational diving, from cave diving to technical diving. This great versatility allows us to satisfy the demands of all types of divers.
PSS Worldwide's educational activities belong to four educational divisions:
  • FREE DIVING: snorkeling and free diving courses.
  • RECREATIONAL: recreational diving courses using air or nitrox, not below 40 meters (130 feet) and within the no-decompression stop dive times.
  • TECHNICAL: technical diving courses using different gas mixtures, beyond any of the limits of Recreational courses.
  • EMERGENCY: courses in emergency management, general and specific to diving activities in particular.

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Product category: Diving Schools

Teach, wherever you are.

For you, an instructor, PSS has created the best educational tools that you could possibly need.

In your reserved area you will have the opportunity to monitor your students' progress, correct their tests, organize the dives, and of course, issue certifications.

Thanks to the brand new system of study, PSS can now also create virtual classrooms and hold courses and lessons online.

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About us

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Always one dive ahead.

PSS was the first diver training agency in the world to have four complete professional lines.
and it was also the first, thanks to its research and development department, to create a system of Elearning along with numerous other technological innovations so it can offer its instructors the most advanced tools for teaching and training monitoring.

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