dryYAK Canoe trainer

Trainingtool for canoeists and kayakers

Foto: © dry-yak.com
Canoeists and kayakers no longer have to refrain from training during wintertime. With its canoe trainer draYAK, the company Sensosports has developed a highly specific training tool for canoeists and kayakers. The dryYAK addresses all aspects of training that are relevant to canoeists and kayakers: power and endurance training for the complete upper body muscles, Das dryYAK bedient alle Trainingselemente, die Kajakfahrer und Kanuten benötigen: es trainiert Kraft und Ausdauer der kompletten Oberkörpermuskulatur, balance and better coordination and reflexes.
Set up and Design
The dryYAK is based upon the SENSOBOARD which consists of a large, wooden base board. Eight elastic bands wire it to a larger board. A stainless steel ball sits in-between both boards on a special ball bearing, which keeps it in place.

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This ball fascilitates fluid, unpredictable and first of all rapid movements in all directions. The elastic bands can be adjusted losely or more tightly in order to allow for various levels of difficulty.

The inventor
The inventor is the former 2009 windsurf world cup silver medalist and double German SUP champion Moritz Martin. The dryYAK idea is based upon the SENSOBOARD, which was the first highly effective inddor training tool for surfers.
dryYAK in Aktion / Foto: © dry-yak.com
Paddling movement
The paddling movement is excerised through a complex drag mechanism including a special pulley system. Variably controlable expanders running through ball bearing blocks simulate water resistance so naturally that you almost feel like paddling on the water. The drag system is the same as in the drySUP, the training tool for SUPs. It is extremely robust and does not need much service.
Technical Specifications:
Length: 187cm
Height: 22cm
Beam: 84cm
Weight: 25kg
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