Zebco Telescopic Fishing Rods

Perfect gear for ambitious sport fishing

Teleruten / Foto: © Zebco
When it comes to easy transport, telescopic rods are still undefeated. Nevertheless, the much divided Rods often had the reputation of not having a good balance and no harmonic action. For long, discerning anglers have therefore never regarded them as a serious option.
New, advanced technology
Zebco Europe's Marketing Director Frerk Petersen reminds himself of his early years: "I funded my College years by constructing of custom-made fishing rods - obviously these were all detachable rods. Never would I have thought of telescopic rods as a real alternative in those days. But technology has advanced so much that telescopic rods can compete very well now. It's amazing how balanced and harmonious modern telerods are!"
Teleruten / Foto: © Zebco
High performance telescopic rods
Zebco has focused especially on the needs of those customers who look for the benefits of a telescopic rod at the highest level. With the Zebco Trophy MPX Zebco has developed a series which satisfies even highest expectations. Product developer Adrian Prus: "It's amazing how much effort it needs to balance such lightweight carbon fiber telescopic rods like these. A lot of things have to fall into place. The number of parts and their lengths determine the the number of rings and their positions. First mistakes are easily made here. Our Trophy MPX is designed for three casting weights (25-40g, 30-60 g and 40-80g), each in three lengths. We have balanced each of these rods differently, as even minor changes to the parts effects the action quite distinctly."

Folding hook holder
High protruding rings which prevent the sticking of the cord to the blank were a given for the Zebco developers. The new models come with an easy grip cork handle. And also small details such like a foldable hook keeper have been thought of for the Trophy MPX.
Attractive package
All together the Trophy MPX belongs to the best telescopic rods on the market. Marketing Director Frerk Petersen: "For my float fishing in standing waters I bought a pair of the 3.30 m long model with 30-60 g casting weight. I am really looking forward tolook forward to the first Ansitz!"
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