World premiere: Pigmented solar panels for perfect optical integration

For Solbian, the Boot 2018 will unfold under the banner of “freedom", expressed through the many possibilities of personalization we offer. In fact there are numerous aspects that characterize a photovoltaic installation - Solbian tries to provide the widest margin of choice for each of them.

Customized panels and non-standard shapes, making the most of the available space. Multiple fixing methods to meet each customer’s needs: Eyelets, snap fasteners, zip and velcro create removable solutions, double-sided structural adhesive is used for permanent installations.

Possibilities don’t stop at the technical aspects, aesthetics are also playing an important role. Here, our flexible solar panels show great versatility: Starting from the three color variants - black, white and transparent - up to the most innovative solution, a world premiere shown at the Boot Düsseldorf 2018: The iSP-Series, a range of pigmented solar panels with different textures like teak or canvas.

The latter option in particular, created in collaboration with the startup company ILOOXS, will be under the spotlight at this year's show: ILOOXS owns a proprietary technology that enables to recreate high quality images on the surface of SolbianFlex solar panels without major impact on its efficiency. This allows you to fully customize the module with a graphic design, opening the door to completely innovative scenarios.

The iSP series, born from this partnership, combines the power of SunPower ™ cells with a texture that resembles teak wood (a material widely used on boats) and allows a nearly total camouflage of the panel with the surface on which it is installed.

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