Windsurfing all year round

Some advice for windsurfing spots throughout the year

Foto: Kap Verden
You can go windsurfing in every season of the year - but depending on the season, some areas offer rather more, other spots less wind. Conditions in one spot may vary greatly depending on the time of year. So if you do not want to quit windsurfing in the cold months at home, the question remains, which spot to choose best for your windsurfing trip at what time of year? Our editors have put together a few tips that will take you through your windsurfing year.


El Yaque (Isla Margerita/Venezuela) is considered the safest spot in terms of stable wind conditions. Arguably it has the most days with wind on record for January worldwide. The windy season lasts from late October to late April. For beginners there is a huge shallow area. But too, for advanced and freestylers El Yaque has a lot to offer. Because of the good wind and sometimes quite large chop it is a safe bet for great windsurfing action.

Las Cucharas (Costa Teguise / Lanzarote): Beginners and advanced training is possible in a well sheltered stretch just off the beach. Yet Costa Teguise is also a wave spot outside the sheltered area. Advanced windsurfers as well as the real cracks will find perfect wind and wave conditions here.

Corralejo (Fuerteventura North): The wave spot of the island is located at the widest beach on Fuerteventura. For beginners, the first 200m of the spot are suitable. This is the stretch with the shallow water. Further out, the waves build up to around 2 meters. Perfect for wave windsurfers of all levels - an unbeatable spot on Fuerteventura!
Dahab (Ägypten): The spot features high wind security and four different areas. From beginners through wave and slalom windsurfers up to the freestylers, there is something here for every interest and level of skills. Also family fun and nightlife activities are well catered for in Dahab.

Kokkari (Samos / Greece): A very safe spot for perfect wind at this time of year. Also suitable for beginners, since there is a small wave cover here. Small choppy waves make the heart of wave windsurfers beat faster. Conclusion: An all-round spot in beautiful surroundings.

Windsurfing spots for the whole year

Windsurfing is possible in every season of the year. But some areas offer more, some less wind. So, where best to go at what time of year? Here's some tips...
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Alacati Bay (Turkey): Alacati is the perfect spot for beginners and intermediates as well as speed and freestyle cracks. For beginners there is a huge shallow area which guarantees learning success. The high wind security (4-7 Bft.) and the flat water offers great conditions for all levels.

St. George Beach (Naxos / Greece): Very authentic, far away from mass tourism this attractive allround spot promises secure wind conditions. Beginners find optimum conditions due to the large shallow stretch. Advanced riders can enjoy themselves endlessly in the Aegean waves rolling in.

Sotavento (Fuerteventura South): Strong and constant wind conditions in shallow water or waves up to two meters high turn this family-friendly destination into a perfect spot for freestylers and racers. But also beginners find their spot here as there is a large, sheltered lagoon at high tide. Thus Sotavento is a spot for all. It is even a venue for World Cup races.

Cabarete (Dominican Republic): For years, Cabarete has been one of the most popular windsurfing spots. Flat water and waves offer optimum conditions for windsurfers of all sorts and skills. It will be a windy holiday in beautiful surroundings.
Beste Bedingungen in Augaust: Le Morne auf Mauritius
Le Morne (Mauritius):
A Very safe location for wind in August. In strong winds even breaking waves may build up. Therefore the spot holds only limited space for beginners in the first 200 m off the beach. Yet it is a great spot for families, as there is lots do do and discover for kids. Conclusion: Super holiday spot in gorgeous scenery.

Rhodes (Greece): The safest spot for wind on Rhodes is really an allround spot. Beginners will find it perfect for the sheltered bay and wave cracks revel in waves of up to two meters. For families, Trianda offers the perfect alternative to the mainstream drestinations like Ixia and Faliraki. And you will also enjoy the "après surfing".

Soma Bay (Egypt): Soma Bay with its Surfmotion surfing base is our secret spot. It is safe for good winds at this time of year and here really everyone can spend their perfect windsurfing holiday far away from mass tourism. Soma Bay is perfect for beginners as there is a huge shallow area. Next there is a stretch for speed surfing. And finally an area with choppy water for wave surfers.
Foto: © IonClub Kap Verden
Magawish / Hurghada (Egypt):
The Spots around Hurghada are primarily distinguished by their stable wind conditions between 4-6 Bft. Beginners will enjoy the large shallow area with great conditions for learning. But shallow water at the beginning and smaller waves further out also offer fun conditions to more experienced windsurfers.

Sal (Cape Verde): 700 meters of flatwater courses and smaller waves make Sal the perfect home for advanced windsurfers. The wind blows constantly at 4 Bft. The nightlife is a further benefit of this lively destination.

Coche (Venezuela): A recommendable spot for beginners and intermediates. The flat-water course and constant wind also allow speed windsurfing. The spot is safe for stable winds a the great scenery make it a fantastic destination during the European winter - even for families.
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