Volvo Penta Forward Drive

revolutionary new concept in marine propulsion

Volvo Penta Forward Drive - Foto: © Volvo Penta
The Volvo Penta Forward Drive (FWD) is a revolutionary new concept in marine propulsion. Opening up a new realm for recreational water sports, the Volvo Penta FWD begins with forward-facing dual counter-rotating props with an adjustable-trim drive. This patented and innovative design pulls the boat through the water rather than pushing, with an undisturbed water flow to the propellers. This clean and efficient propulsion system delivers superior responsiveness, acceleration, fuel economy and versatility, allowing for an array of activities behind the boat, including wakesurfing and wakeboarding.
Perfect for wakesurfing and wakeboarding
Drivers will also be able to customize the wake for different ability levels and feel the difference in tighter high-speed turns, as well as more responsive slow-speed maneuvering and docking. Additionally, the forward-facing DuoProp, with counter-rotating propellers, offers a unique and industry-first symmetrical wakeboarding wake and equally shaped wakesurfing wave on your side of choice.

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No noise, no vibration, no fumes
FWD also reduces noise and vibration, and virtually eliminates annoying fumes on deck since engine exhaust is expelled underwater beneath the boat. The adjustable tilt makes it easy to trim the boat for optimum fuel efficiency and comfort when cruising. When at rest with the drive trimmed down, the forward-facing propellers are inboard of the boat making activities like fishing and swimming more practical astern of the boat. The Volvo Penta FWD, coupled with the new-generation marine gas engines, is an unbeatable combination for boatbuilders, providing higher speeds and better performance with a smaller, lighter engine.

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Easy maintenance
The engine and drive system are proven and feature accessible service points for easier maintenance. Dealers and boat owners will also benefit from the commonality of parts across the full range of engines and drives. Most importantly, the builder, dealer and customer have the peace of mind that comes with a fully integrated helm-to-prop solution designed, built and supported by a single manufacturer with an unmatched reputation for customer satisfaction and after-the-sale customer service.
Neue Propeller-Serie
Für den „FWD“ wurde eine neue Serie von Propellern, die “K-Serie“, aufgelegt. Ein recht aufwändiges Unterfangen, da sich die Entwicklung von Duo-Propellern ist sehr komplex gestaltet, weil bislang kein Propellerberechnungsprogramm in diesem Zusammenhang Hilfestellung leisten kann, wie dies für Single-Propeller der Fall ist.
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