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VolansCoastal novelty at the Boot Düsseldorf

Active rowing fun with Volans Rowing boats

With innovative products Volans aims to make water sports more attractive and more accessible to a wider audience. Over the past few years this company from the Netherlands launched two innovative boats: the Volans2 and the VolansKIDS for children from 8 to 12 years. The third boat, the VolansCOASTAL for active rowing fun on the sea, lakes and rivers, is a novelty on the German market and Boot Düsseldorf (21 – 29 January).

Volans2, VolansKIDS and VolansCOASTAL
Five years ago, Volans presented its first product: the Volans2, a light, sporty skiff (single rowing boat) that can be transported on the roof of a car. In 2014 the VolansKIDS followed, worldwide the first rowing boat designed especially for children aged 8 to 12 years. This boat is ideal for school rowing as well as rowing clinics and rowing camps. For this purpose, Volans developed an instruction package to learn rowing in a playful way.
In 2016 the VolansCOASTAL was launched in the Netherlands, designed for active fun on waves. With this boat you can undertake adventurous trips on the Wadden Sea, along the Mediterranean coast, on lakes and rivers, or you can - directly from the beach - head for the surf to experience the thrilling and exciting moments of rowing through the rolling waves, between the surfers, kiters and paddlers. The VolansCOASTAL was given the Product of the Year award at the Dutch boat show HISWA 2016.

Sliding rigger
The Volans boats are light and compact and can be transported on the roof of a car. You can go rowing wherever and whenever you like. They have an elegant, sleek design and have the unique feature of the so-called sliding rigger: not the seat moves in the boat (as in racing boats), but the part with the oars.
This idea stems from the year 1883, and in 1981 - almost 100 years later - the German top rower Michael Kolbe became world champion with this system. His boat with sliding rigger was developed by the rower and biomechanical engineer Volker Nolte, now a well-known coach in Canada, in collaboration with the German company Empacher. At the end of 1982 the International Rowing Association FISA banned the sliding rigger from rowing races. However, this did not prevent the German rower Marcel Hacker from training with this system in order to improve his technique. Volans has further developed the sliding rigger in combination with the shape of the hull. This provides extra speed despite the relatively short length of the boats. For the Volanscoastal the sliding rigger provides additional stability and agility when rowing in rough sea.

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