UWIS introduces navigation to the 75% of the Globe

”GPS based navigation enables several advanced services on land. With UWIS diver navigation and communication system we offer similar services underwater” says the CEO Pertti Arvonen from UWIS Oy.

UWIS provides absolute and relative underwater 3D position data. Position data is available for a set of divers, pre-dive-set Points of Interests, underwater objects and locations set during the dive e.g. wrecks and route points and above the surface set locations e.g. boats and exit points in real time to all divers and to the crew above the water surface.

The system consist of three or more floating buoys, small diver equipment and Browser based application. The buoys are equipped with GPS, WLAN, Bluetooth and capability to convey sonar pulses. Small diver equipment is capable of receiving and sending sonar pulses and is connected to an underwater display unit with wireless connection. On board crew can plan, monitor and interact with the divers by using UWIS application. Also all dive details are available for after dive analyses.

The floating buoys are set in triangle form covering the planned diving area and enabling accurate measurement. The diving area can have maximum of 600m diameter and maximum 150m depth. UWIS has wireless connection to Diving Computers, Cameras and Tablets underwater. By using UWIS system the divers can enjoy the same services underwater as they are enjoying on land today.

It is crucial to know where your diving buddy is during the whole dive you take together. With UWIS system you can preset individual limits for example distance to your buddy, dive master or exit point, maximum depth and minimum air pressure. Based on the limits the system will raise audio and visual alerts underwater and above the surface. Using ultrasound communication protocol underwater all divers may communicate between each other with pre-specified messages, alarms and notices. The system offers the same possibility between divers and personnel above the water surface.

Currently we are carrying out open water tests with UWIS system. The sales are expected to start during June-July 2017. Stay tuned for our sales release at www.uwis.fi and in social media by following us on Facebook and Twitter. We are looking for challenging test environments for our system. If you are interested in to test with us please contact us at info@uwis.fi. To see more, visit us in Hall 3, 3G55, Boot Dusseldorf 21-29 January, 2017.

About UWIS Oy                                                                                                                                                            
UWIS Oy was founded in June 2014 in Finland and works passionately to introduce a new system for divers which can provide the absolute and relative underwater 3D positions of a set of divers in real time to all of them and the crew above the water surface, guide a diver back to the dive boat or starting point, share important data between them, mark an interesting location, and help divers know where their buddy is located. 

For more information: CEO Pertti Arvonen, pertti.arvonen@uwis.fi, +358 40 514 0565

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