Thermowell AirJet 12 & IZY - Marine Air Conditioning

Modern HVAC-systems for a comfortable atmosphere on board

Foto: © Thermowell
As an Italian player with 10 years-old strong experience THERMOWELL is the company specialized in consulting, design and production of ​marine air conditioning solutions​. THERMOWELL provides modern HVAC systems, thanks to a continuous technological research, a constant product innovation and the selection of high quality raw materials.
Catering for all requirements
In particular, the sea water-cooled product line of marine air conditioners includes a full range of standard units from 6.100 up to 150.000 BTU/h for small, medium and big vessels as well as ​customized solutions above 150.000 BTU/h for shipyards, private clients and megayachts.
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AirJet12, the 12V DC Air Conditioner
AirJet 12 is the exclusive and innovative sea water cooled boat air conditioner directly powered in 12 V DC (direct current) from the battery bank of the boat, without using a generator or an inverter. AirJet 12 is a well designed and elegant product which offers the most simple and versatile installation. With its 6.100BTU/h cooling power, AirJet 12 is the ideal solution for cooling single cabins into small/medium vessels.

IZY, the DIY installation kit air conditioner
IZY is the air conditioner in DO-IT-YOURSELF assembly kit, well-known in the industry for its easy installation and efficiency. It’s easy to be installed in any kind of boat, even for people without technical background. Available in three models having 9.000, 13.000 and 16.000 BTU/h cooling power respectively and in cooling/heating version with electric resistance and cooling only version.  The self contained refrigerating unit, fully covered by an internally insulated stainless steel box for maximum noise reduction, where even sea water pump and electronic PC board are installed in, makes IZY unique in the marine air conditioning market.

Beyond the ac solutions, THERMOWELL is appreciated for the complete customer assistance from the moment of choice of the ideal system to the installation and post-sales.

Specifications IZY series:
Cooling capacity: 9000 - 16000 BTU/h
Power: 2638 - 4700 W
Weight: 29 - 37 kg
Size cm: 59-63 x 28-34 x 31,5-35

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