Nanni Industries SAS

The new boat of DELPHIA YACHTS is powered by NANNI!

The poland shipyard chose once again NANNI to motorize its new boat the BluEscape 1200 with two N4.140 engines connected
with the new NANNI eletrical control system.
The BluEscape 1200 is the first model in the BluEscape range, a new, modern and elegant line of motor
boats by Delphia Yachts.
Designed to offer the maximum comfort on board, the BluEscape 1200 has a roomy cockpit, panoramic
windows and large cabins.
Powered by two NANNI N4.140 engines of 135 hp each, they increase the quality of life and of the
navigation on board thanks to a low sound level and reduced vibrations. Powerful and with a high torque,
the N4.140 engines are particularly appreciated by the international shipyards for their reliability and
safety that they offer on board.
Equiped with the new NANNI range of electrical control system, the BlueEscape 1200 allows an easy
Their certified hull design expand your boating area by allowing exploration of waterways closed to deeper

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