The Lake Schwerin

Beautiful bays and an intriguing charm

Schweriner Schloss - Foto: ©
Lake Schwerin is about 63 square kilometers big. About 21 km in length and up to 6 km wide it is the second largest lake in northern Germany after the Müritz. Its location right next to the county capital of Schwerin and the unspoiled surroundings - wooded bluff shorelines and flat, densely vegetated islands - have a quite special appeal. The popular boating and watersports area on the lake is divided into inner and outer lake by the Paulsdam (headroom 4.30 meters).
Pristine Islands
In the center of the lakes around Schwerin "The Great", as it is callked locally, presents itself with countless bays and dotted with numerous, almost untouched islands. During the day the sails are set here. Or bays entered for bathing breaks. Or anchors let go in front of a nice cafe on shore. First excursion boats on the lake with catering and amusement on board were already known back in aristocratic times. Today, the 'White Fleet' cruise ships operate from April to October an land at the beach promenade in Zippendorf with its great villas and the island 'Kaninchenwerder' with its nature reserve. The waterways network around Schwerin attracts boaters with variable cruises to neighbouring lakes like Heidensee and Ziegelsee.
Beautiful Bays
The south shore of Lake Schwerin is rich in beautiful bays. Schwerin Castle with its clearly visible, golden dome, is situated prominently on an island in one of these bays. For a visit by boat you can moor at the castle jetty right in the city centre. The approach is well buoyed.  The island Ziegelwerder is a nature reserve and may not be entered, while the island Kaninchenwerder offers boaters a basic, small marina. In the outer lake the islands Lieps and Horst wait to be visited. Through the Stör Canal you can go on into the Elde and Elbe which will take you up northwest to Hamburg or the Mecklenburg Lake District further east. The northern connection towards Wismar along the shallow and partly overgrown 'Wallensteingraben' should only be used by trained and experienced paddlers.
Beste Wasserqulität
Die Wasserqualität ist sehr gut, der See ist zum Baden geeignet. Mit gelben Tonnen gekennzeichnete Badebereiche dürfen keinesfalls befahren werden. Ab Windstärke 3 kann es für kleinere Sportboote ungemütlich werden. Die Höchstgeschwindigkeit ist auf 25 km/h festgelegt, im Uferbereich max. 8 km/h. Zu beachten ist die Untiefe Goldburg und der "Große Stein" im Binnensee.
Lebendiger See des Jahres
Der Schweriner See erhielt von der internationalen Umweltstiftung Global Nature Fund (GNF) die Auszeichnung als „Lebendiger See des Jahres“ 2015. Damit würdigte die Umweltorganisation die ökologische Bedeutung des Sees und die erfolgreiche Kombination von Tourismus und Naturschutz am Schweriner See. Durch eine vertrauensvolle Zusammenarbeit wird der See in seinem Erholungswert erhalten, während gleichzeitig Ökosystem und Wasserqualität nachhaltig geschützt werden können.
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