Surfing sensation at boot 2017

The boot wave “THE WAVE” is coming - indoor surfing for anyone

Anyone can try indoor surfing
Before the trade fair, it is possible to register for surfing at - and it is free of charge in the opening year. One to six surfers can surf on the permanent wave at the same time, depending on their skill level. When they start, beginners and children between six and twelve years old are allowed to hold on to a bar which is attached above the ten-metre-wide wave, so that they can get the right feel for the board. It does not take long for them to make such progress that they can surf comfortably on a low wave. The deepwater wave, as it is known, is still great fun and a real challenge even for professionals, however, because they can take the opportunity to use their own surfboards and to practice tricks and manoeuvres without having to paddle out again and again. Surfing here is possible not just on standard boards, however; small stand-up paddleboards (SUP) are being used for the first time anywhere in the world too.
Surfer Sonni Hönscheid is acting as sponsor
Intensive preparations are currently being made for the wave by the boot team headed by Director Petros Michelidakis: “Our designers are in the process of creating appropriate surroundings in the hall in the style of fabulous Indonesian beaches. We want our visitors to feel like they are on a surfing holiday in Bali. The wave will be a tremendous attraction and is certain to get an enthusiastic response from many children, teenagers and sports fans.”

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The Wave - Foto: © boot Düsseldorf
Two special highlights
The boot organisers have already arranged two special highlights: SUP world champions from Hawaii will be competing against their top European rivals in the first indoor wave SUP Masters in the world. Prize money of EUR 5,000 can be won in the classic Wave Masters surfing contest that is being held on the second boot weekend. And the Düsseldorf team has already obtained celebrity support too: surfer Sonni Hönscheid, daughter of surf legend Jürgen Hönscheid, has agreed to act as sponsor for the indoor wave and the contests. She herself tried out a Citywave facility for the first time in September and became an immediate fan. “There is no simpler, safer and faster way to learn how to surf! This is a tremendous way to familiarise a wider public with the most beautiful sport in the world.” Sonni will be helping the jury with the WAVE SUP contest on the first boot weekend and will be passing on stand-up paddling tips and tricks by the pool.

New pumps create waves up to 1.8 metres high

Since “The Wave” has a unique deepwater surfing system, standard surfboards with fins can be used on it. A much more realistic surfing feeling is created as a result than on other permanent waves. Surfing across a width of 7.5 metres on waves between 0.7 and 1.8 metres high (measured on the face before they break) is possible in the pool. The water has a temperature of 25°C and nine pumps produce waves that guarantee unlimited surfing fun.
The Wave - Foto: © boot Düsseldorf
The Citywave
THE WAVE is a project that is part of the Citywave development attributable to the engineers Susi and Rainer Klimaschewski, who have already had more than 20 years of experience in the development of action sports modules. The Citywave is the first permanent deepwater wave and is popular with surfers from all over the world thanks to the excellent surfing possible with it.
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