Spro Red Arc

Legendary red front arc reel with new features

Red Arc - © spro.eu
The first presentation of the Red Arc a decade ago was a great venture in the sport fishing world. A reel completely in red had not been seen before. Yet until today this legendary product from Dutch manufacturer Spro intrigues anglers of all ages with its great features and design. It is the reel with most awards on the German market. Many tests prooved its capability and new features added over the years kept it up to date.
New Features for 2017
For over a decade the Red Arc reel is renowned for its reliability, strength and performance. The enhanced Red Arc Legend is engineered with all the great aspects from its predecessor plus great new features.
  • 9 Ball bearings + 1 needle bearing
  • One-way Clutch anti-reverse system
  • Balanced Rotor
  • TuffBody aluminum housing
  • Extra strong bail system
  • Double-wall aluminium spool
  • Slim CNC handle
  • Finely adjustable multi-disc front drag
  • Fixed with strong Torx screws
  • Original legendary Red Arc mechanism
Technical Specifications:
Weight: 265 / 270 / 305 / 310 g
Ratio: 5,1: 1 / 5,0:1
BB: 9+1
m/mm: 100 - 150 / 0,24 - 0,33
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