Slyder 47

Sailing catamaran nominated for European Yacht of the Year Award

Slyder 47 - Foto: © Slyder Yachts
The Slyder 47, a 14.3 m sailing catamaran which celebrated its world premiere at boot 2015, is built in Italy, but it has been designed by a Frenchman and developed in Germany. It is intended for long voyages with a small crew at high speed. Daily mileage of 250 to 300 sm is possible.
Good surfing properties
The shape of the underwater hull reflects the latest findings from the construction of large regatta catamarans and reconciles them with the high payloads required by cruising sailors. The hull is very sleek with a length-to-beam ratio of less than 10:1. The rocker curvature of the underwater hull is very gentle, and the stern broad, flat and full. The consequences are lower drag through the water at the bow and good surfing properties, as the waterline is effectively extended by the hull's shape. This is why it is possible for the Slyder to ride ahead of its own wave system and achieve high speeds, says the exhibitor. High-aspect-ratio rudder blades (slimmer and longer than normal rudder blades) make rudder action much more efficient with lower resistance especially at high speeds. The future owner has a say in the interior layout and number of cabins.
Technical Specifications:
Length over all: 14,30 m
Beam:  7,15 m
Draft: 0,90 m - 2,30 m
Displacement: 11.400 kg
Engines: 2 x 38 PS
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