Seven Marine 627

The world's most powerful outboard engine

Seven Marine 627 - Foto: © Seven Marine
Seven unveiled the new 627, an ultra-high-technology, non-racing, production outboard motor that serves as a technology showcase in performance, horsepower, style, lighting, and innovation leadership. The 627 joins Seven’s 557, increasing the company’s horsepower leadership position by 70hp. This product expansion marks Seven Marine’s fifth anniversary, assuring its leadership position through proprietary innovations targeted at the fast growing Super Console (+42ft) outboard segment.

627 Horsepower
The 627 utilizes the all-aluminum GM LSA 6.2L supercharged and fuel injected V8, as does the 557. In order to further its leadership position in big horsepower outboards, Seven investigated new technologies to broaden the horsepower and torque curves for heavier boats. As a result, the power level is increased through our proprietary development of a new marine-specific, High-Turbulence Combustion chamber. Each 627 combustion chamber is precision machined to exacting tolerances to create a unique combustion event that increases horsepower and delivers the big torque required for optimizing performance on large center consoles.

Best-in-class performance among Super Consoles
The result is over 600 lb-ft of torque from 3,000 rpm through rated speed. At this level, developed horsepower is increased through the entire RPM range, dramatically improving acceleration and raising top speed potential. Seven has also developed a proprietary ECM calibration to optimize top speed and midrange fuel economy for best-in-class performance among Super Consoles. The rated speed of the 627 is 5,500 rpm, 100 rpm higher than the 557, which will assist in propeller selection for this class of boat. Fuel requirements for the 627 remain at a minimum of 89* octane + 10% ethanol. Airflow has been increased to match the new demands of the 627 hp rating. Flowing over 1,000 cubic feet per minute of air, Seven’s patented air induction system separates raw water and salt spray from the air as it passes through the cowling system.
SpectraBlade Cowl
All aesthetic factors of an outboard powered boat are impacted by the design of the power plants they carry. Seven has already introduced custom paint in the production outboard world, and now with the Spectra-Blade design is taking outboard styling to a new level. The sleek new look of the SpectraBlade advances cowl design and style. The new blade elements sculpt a unique profile creating more possible color combinations than ever before. This new design defines the cutting edge in the industry for style, customer individuality and luxury, all while allowing the installation of subliminal LED lighting.

Integrated Cowl Illumination
Who can deny the positive ambiance that is created through the ingenious use of LED lighting in our homes, cars and boats? Seven proudly brings light to the production outboard motor. With 615 LED lights creating the full spectrum of over 16,000,0000 colors to suit the customer the 627’s SpectraBlade cowl comes alive, looking as good at night as it does by day.
Marine-specific LED lights are embedded in a silicone jacket protecting them from the harsh marine environment. Seven’s lights are completely waterproof and their patent-pending design shields the LEDs from the sun’s harmful rays, ensuring longevity.

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