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Seareq celebrates 15th annual jubilee at "boat-show" in Dusseldorf

Seareq the specialist for Safety and Rescue Equipment invites to celebrate the 15th company jubilee!
High Value Prices!

Seareq was founded in 2003 in preparation to the product launch aof the Electronic Rescue and Locating System ENOS at "boat-show" in 2004. In the past it was first of its kind - and still it is a worldwide unique rescue system!

ENOS locate and rescue divers who became swept away by currents. Meanwhile the system has rescued numerous divers' lifes! 

It all began with ENOS, in Dusseldorf at "boat-show".  No wonder that this jubilee will be celebrated at "boat-show" in Dusseldorf 15 years later.

Come to the stand 3 E 86 and learn how improve your dive vacation without efforts - and become familiar to the raffle / competition Seareq initiates due to its jubilee.

It's worth! Here you are the high value prices which Seareq proudly presents in deep gratitude to the following companies:

  • AFRICAN DIVE ADVENTURE - www.afridive.com
  • M/S AMIRA - www.amira-indonesia.com
  • M/Y LONGIMANUS - www.barakuda-diving.com/my-longimanus/
  • OMNEIA REISEN - www.omneia.de
  • M/Y SEVEN 7 SEAS - www.seven-seas-sports.com
  • SEA SAFARI CRUISES - www.seasafaricruises.com
See you at "boat-show" 2018 - at the booth of Seareq, Halle 3, E 86
Seareq   -   3 E 86

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