SeaLife micro HD

Completely sealed underwater action cam

SeaLife micro HD - Foto: ©
Underwater photography and video are a popular pastime among scuba divers. The ability to capture images and videos of the underwater world that can be shared with friends and family is a strong motivator in keeping divers diving. But underwater video-camera systems have a well-earned reputation for being expensive, requiring lots of maintenance, being susceptible to damage from accidental bumps, and, worst of all, there's the ever-present risk of flooding.
Super durable and completely sealed
With the SeaLife Micro HD underwater video-camera, Subgear is able to offer divers all the benefits of underwater photography without any of these headaches. The Micro HD is ultra-compact (measuring only 10.7 x 4.8 x 7.4 cm/4.2 x 1.9 x 2.9 in), super durable (the body is wrapped in rubberized armor for excellent shock resistance), virtually maintenance-free (there are no O-rings to maintain) and best of all, it is completely sealed so it can't be flooded.

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Two versions and two modes
Available in two versions (the standard Micro HD offers a 16GB internal memory, while the Micro HD+ offers a 32GB internal memory plus Wifi capability), the video-camera delivers 13 megapixel still shots and full 1080p HD video at 30fps, or 720p at 60fps. Its Land & Sea Mode includes four underwater modes with automatic color adjustment-the Snorkel Mode is perfect for capturing vibrant natural colors in shallow water while the Dive Mode restores the reds and yellows that are lost at deeper depths.
Easy to handle
The Micro HD is also simple to use. Despite its small size, it is easy to handle at depth, and the three 'piano key' control buttons are easy to operate, even wearing gloves. There's one-touch video recording, and by pushing the shutter button you can take still shots without stopping the video. The built-in one-foot-to-infinity Fisheye lens helps stabilize videos and capture large objects and expansive scenes at close-in shooting distances.

Wireless control
When the diving is over, video and photos can be downloaded by plugging a cable into the camera's waterproof USB port. Or, with the Micro HD+ you can wirelessly download images and video to iOS and Android devices through the free app Action Cam HD. This app also allows for wireless control of the camera, providing a real-time view of the LCD and the ability to capture and review photos and videos on a smartphone or tablet.

The SeaLife Micro HD allows divers with minimal photography experience to capture stunning underwater footage of colorful sea creatures, reefs and other undersea landscapes that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Easy to operate, easy to maintain, virtually bullet-proof and extremely affordable, the SeaLife Micro HD is the camera of choice when it comes to hassle-free underwater photo- and videography.
Technical Specifications:
- 13 megapixel
- 1080p full-HD-video
- waterproof up to 60 m
- 10,7 cm x 4,8 cm x 7,4 cm
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