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Human Factor Diving

Scubapro Mantis - Foto: © Scubapro
A precision blend of a sophisticated dive computer and beautiful timepiece, Mantis is the first and only wristwatch-style dive computer to incorporate human factors into its design, enabling you to live your life in dive mode. The Mantis features a visually pleasing display screen, an intuitive menu and a simple circular navigation system, making it one of the most user-friendly dive computers on the market.
Self-Tracking Daten in Echtzeit
Human Factor Diving™ ist ein exklusiver Ansatz von SCUBAPRO, Ausrüstung zu schaffen, die den menschlichen Faktor und Ergonomie (Engineering-Ansatz der sich auf die Interaktion zwischen dem Produkt und dem Benutzer konzentriert), Biometrie (Wissenschaft, die die Vitaldaten einer Person misst und analysiert) und Wearable Technologie (anziehbare Geräte) kombiniert, um Hightech-Sporttauchprodukte zu schaffen. Diese Produkte müssen kompakt, einfach in der Bedienung und, am wichtigsten, in Echtzeit detaillierte Self-Tracking Daten über die Körperfunktionen liefern, sei dies an der Oberfläche oder in der Tiefe, damit Sie stets das meiste aus Ihrem Körper holen können, sowohl beim Tauchen als auch im Leben.
Get the maximum
Human Factor Diving™ is an exclusive Scubapro approach to equipment design that combines ergonomics, biometrics and wearable technology to create high-tech scuba diving products that are compact, easy to use and, MOST importantly, provide detailed "real-time" self-tracking reports on how your body is functioning, both on the surface and at depth, so you can get the most out of your body, out of your dive, and out of your life.

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Totally customized
This adaptive technology enables Mantis to constantly adapt its algorithm based on your biometrics using a bevy of personalization features, including the ultimate in diving biometrics - heart rate and skin temperature.  Your Mantis tracks both. Heart rate is available when you use your Mantis with the optional, Polar belt currently sold by Scubapro, skin temperature will be available when using the optional Scubapro heart rate monitor belt being released in fall/winter 2015.
Live Your life in dive mode
Offering just the right balance of topside features and underwater functions, the Mantis is a wristwatch-style dive computer like no other. By providing more vital, individualized information in an intuitive delivery system, you'll be able to make smart decisions based on solid personal data to make your diving safer, enhance fitness, help improve your diving skills, and as a result, make your time spent under water a heck of a lot more fun.
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