SEABOB presents innovative eMobility at Boot 2018

The big trend – eMobility in the water.
SEABOB presents innovative eMobility at Boot 2018.

Düsseldorf, January 2018. Power combined with green credentials – it’s a concept that’s gaining lots of acceptance and making SEABOB increasingly popular among all kinds of users. At Boot Düsseldorf from 20 to 28 January 2018, water-sports enthusiasts and SEABOB fans can experience the world’s fastest water-sled, whose eco-friendly electric drive produces no emissions and no noise. The premium SEABOB F5 SR model develops 745 Newton-meters, bringing more thrust to the water and delighting anyone who loves performance. But Boot visitors can look forward to SEABOB Power not only in terms of what the motors can do, but also in the new colours. SEABOB will be hard to miss in the 2018 season, as luminous neon is expanding our colour range and making SEABOBs even safer to ride, thanks to their exceptional visibility.

The SEABOB has proven especially successful as a rescue tool in the water. The way it handles on urgent missions in any rescue situation on and beneath the water makes the SEABOB a superior emergency vehicle.

The diving scene is also busy discovering the benefits of a green, electrically powered water craft. The SEABOB’s agility and power are impressive both on and under the water. It’s so easy to handle, making it equally suitable for professionals and beginners. Riding at high speeds or cruising gently along, the SEABOB is able to adapt to anything. If you explore the underwater world professionally, you will appreciate the way it moves along almost silently. Divers can use it to descend to depths of up to 40 metres in harmony with the world around them.

Hall 10, Booth A21 – Main CAYAGO AG booth
The flagship on this booth is the SEABOB F5 SR. Its extra features will appeal to anyone who likes power and performance, and it’s especially suitable for high-speed use.
Introducing the new Lumex Bright Colours: these new neon colours make the SEABOB eye-catchingly attractive and ensure maximum safety when driving and riding.                            
Save lives! Developed in conjunction with water rescue experts at CAYAGO AG, the SEABOB Rescue was first presented at Boot 2017 and will be available with technical upgrades in 2018.

Hall 3, Booth H61 – Diving Hall
CAYAGO AG will run a booth in the Diving Hall to present the SEABOB as a versatile DPV (diver scooter) for free-divers and scuba divers. Professional suppliers can find out about how to collaborate as an official SEABOB Dive Centre and Resort.

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