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Angeln in Norwegen
The island of Sørøya just off the coast of Norway during summer is a fishing spot in its own class. Four Dutch anglers were once reported to catch eight halibut up to 100 pounds in just seven days! Just as an extra the caught around 30 pounds of cod at the same time. Another angling party from Austria went home with more than 100 wolffish after just a week of fishing. These are catches that probably make every angler itchy to get going. Sørøya is still an almost untouched fishing area with really big cathces lurking in the deep.
A midsummernight's dream
Away from the tourist tumult at the North Cape you can really enjoy the summer solstice in Sørøya with the eternal day. Whoever feels like it, goes out at midnight for fishing. Especially during summertime many of the big north atlantic predators come to the shallow sea areas around the island. You can hook wolffish up to 20 pounds at the rocky edges and small seamounts in 20 to 60 meters depth. Whether natural bait or lures: this aggressive, quaint predator rushed greedily at everything around him. From May to June many salmon are also attracted to the deeper edges around the island Sørøya. With great towing baits they can capture in three to ten meters of water. Halibut can be caught very well on sandy and gravelly, slightly sloping ground between 20 and 100 meters. Natural bait anglers best equip their hooks with small coalfish, which can be caught easily at the shoals and seamounts. Mackerels can be bought as bait from local fishermen in twenty-kilo packs.
When the seagulls are chasing...
...keep your eyes open, is a saying among anglers. It is a sure sign to go luring for big cod. Swarms of seagulls swooping down at the water are hunting for coalfish or herings. These small fish are being pushed to the surface by haddocks. And the big cod are lurking right beneath the haddock. It is a spectacle that often does not last for long. So do not hesitate when you see the swarms of seagulls. Navigate your boat there and use heavy lures to get through to the cod.

Sørøya, Norway: Fishing without limits

In summer you can really go fishing on the Norwegian island Sørøya for 24 hours without interruption: thanks to the midnight sun it will not get dark.
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Western Sørøya
Navigate your boat from Breivikbotn (Sørøya Havfiskesenter) in the west of the island out onto the North Atlantic, fish in the shallower coastal areas up to 80 meters. A very extensive fishing area lies in front of you. In the large, up to 70 meters deep Breivikbotn Bay you can catch very good wolffish, halibut, cod and haddock. At the northwestern exit of the bay, in front of the dominant bird cliffs, haddock up to 15 pounds and cod to 20 pounds can be caught in about 40 meters of water. In calm weather you can catch large coalfish a little further north-west off the Bird's Rock. Southwest of the small bay at Baardvik there are many smaller seamounts which are around 45 meters below the water surface. A very promising area for big cod, wolffish and thick coalfish.
Fjord in Norwegen
Southern Sørøya
Take a boat from Sørøya Hasvik Hotel to go fishing on the sound between the island and the mainland which quickly reaches depths of up to 200, 300 meters. In this small area you are fishing for large coalfish, thick cod, halibut and wolffish close to the shore on a steeply sloping edge up to 100 meters. Quite often fog comes up quickly with a sea breeze. Pay special attention to any approaching fog belts. On the water you can very easily lose your orientation. A compass or GPS receiver is a must have in Sørøya. A continued sea breeze will also built up quite a wave that can quickly become dangerous. Do not risk it too much and rather go fishing in the protected bays when the sea is rough.

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There's no need for many words about Norway. The huge kingdom covers 324,000 square kilometers and extends right up to the North Cape, the northernmost point of mainland Europe. A mere 4.48 million inhabitants quite literally almost get lost in the vast countryside that offers a marvelous nature with its fjords and mountains. Based on its own large oil and gas deposits, the in former centuries underdeveloped country has become the richest in Europe.

Source: Rute & Rolle
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