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Revolutionising Diesel Fuel Additives With Hydra's Multi-functional Diesel Fuel Additive

Milton Keynes, UK - December 31, 2017 –

The problem with fuel used in diesel engine boats is that very often this fuel remains in the fuel tank for extended periods before being used. As many of us are aware this fuel starts to degrade after only 4 weeks, leading to long term problems and inefficiencies (in a car it is normally used within a week or two). 

Hydra are launching Hydra Diesel Power Blast a multi-functional fuel additive for the marine market, this product is improving combustion, boosts cetane and improves fuel stability.

By utilising new developments in detergent technology Hydra ensure a complete internal engine clean, down to molecular levels. Existing carbon and unburnt fuel deposits are rapidly removed from injectors, valves etc., giving the engine as new performance. 

Hydra’s stabiliser and biocide active ingredients stabilize fuel ensuring that it remains sweet and stable for prolonged storage periods i.e. the winter months when fuel is not being used, eliminating many of the fuel problems that occur after long periods of inactivity.

This super-efficient, multi-functional fuel additive also contains a Nano-molecular catalyst to ensure that fuel is used to its maximum potential by adding oxygen and increasing fuel burn time. 

Hydra Diesel Power Blast gives a much smoother, quieter engine with less exhaust smoke, It stabilizes fuel whilst improving combustion. Find out more using the following link: https://www.hydra-fueladditives.com/diesel-power-blast-injector-cleaner.html

They also have a version for petrol engines called Hydra Petrol Power Blast. Find out more using the following link: https://www.hydra-fueladditives.com/petrol-fuel-injector-cleaner.html

 About Hydra International 

Manufacturers and suppliers of fuel additives and treatments, Hydra International was established in 1994. All Hydra’s fuel additives are designed and manufactured to be high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Their manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes and their management systems have been certified to the following international standards ISO 9001 (Quality); ISO 14001 (Environmental); OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). 

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