Global SafeTrack Systems GmbH

ProteGear provides Booking, Tracking, Competition & Coaching Tools for Watersports

ProteGear offers services that can make your sports center run with less time for administration, more fun and more safety for your clients.

+ cebra + GoWitty Booking & Station Management Solution for all Sports centers helps save lots of time in handling bookings and payments and use your inventory more efficient.

+ bbTalkin Waterproof Coaching by Bluetooth  is a game changing Wireless Bluetooth Communication system for athletes, students and coaches worldwide.

+ProteGear 4-in-1 Tracking - Rescue - Competition - Coaching
for the safety and comfort of your clients and the best experience in coaching & competitions!

+ ProteGear TenderTracking - for Yachts and Superyachts with Roaming Geofences keeps always track of your tenders and other watersport facilities and getting automatic alarms.

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