Ocean Symposium at the boot 2017

boot Düsseldorf supports sustainable boat building and eco-friendly propulsion

Meeressymposium zur boot 2017 / © MD, ctillmann
Protection of the unique habitat provided by the world’s oceans is a goal that has global support nowadays. Promotion of ocean preservation even plays a significant role in successful Hollywood cinema production nowadays, such as the Nemo sequel “Finding Dory”, so that billions of people are being reached. boot Düsseldorf as the most important water sports trade fair in the world is therefore, for example, providing the German Ocean Foundation and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation with a platform to present their commitment to the sustainable development of international waters. “Healthy seas and oceans are the basis for all life on our earth and thus for water sports enthusiasts too. At boot, we aim to bring the business and scientific communities together with society in general, so that they can all present their proposals for sustainable interaction with our environment”, explains boot Director Petros Michelidakis.
Keynote-Speaker Fürst Albert II von Monaco
Prince Albert II of Monaco has been actively involved in such issues as ocean protection for many years now; with his foundation, he initiates and funds major projects throughout the world. His foundation’s mission is to protect the environment and promote sustainable development. The foundation operates internationally and mobilises the general public, politicians, scientists and economists committed to nature conservation to preserve mankind’s joint heritage. For many years now, the mission of the German Ocean Foundation has also been to tackle the challenges set by the Global Ocean Foundation; with this in mind, the German foundation has been operating the well-known research and media ship Aldebaran successfully in oceans and waterways all over the world since as long ago as 1992. 
Finding common solutions
The activities to encourage greater sustainability in oceans and waterways will be culminating in the Ocean Symposium, that is being held in the Congress Center Düsseldorf (CCD.Süd) on 24. January. This joint event organised by the German Ocean Foundation, the Prince Albert II Foundation, the industry, the scientific community and water sports associations will be highlighting sustainable boat manufacturing and innovative, environmentally sound marine propulsion solutions. Prince Albert II of Monaco will be coming to Düsseldorf personally to be the keynote speaker at the Symposium on 24. January.

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The German Ocean Foundation
The German Ocean Foundation is an interdisciplinary platform for ocean stakeholders from all sectors that encourages information exchange and co-operation to promote the protection and sustainable development of the world’s oceans. The foundation’s mission is to identify ocean stakeholders and their projects and to spread knowledge about ocean use and protection, in order to increase ocean awareness. One of the specific aims of the foundation is to incorporate ocean issues in all areas of education, with the particular objective of reaching young people.
Fürst Albert II von Monaco / © fpa2.com

Fürst Albert II von Monaco

Forschungs- und Medienschiff Aldebaran © aldebaran.org

Forschungs- und Medienschiff Aldebaran

Save the natural habitat in our seas
The foundation carries out projects in its primary areas of operation, increases public and government awareness of the impact of human action on nature, encourages environmentally sound behaviour and awards prizes and scholarships with the aim of promoting exceptional projects and innovative new solutions. The geographical emphases of the foundation are the Mediterranean region (due to the location of the Principality of Monaco), the Polar regions (as indicators of climate changes) and developing countries (as defined by the United Nations), which are affected particularly severely by the impact of climate change, by the loss of biodiversity and by shortage of water. The foundation concentrates on three primary areas of operation: limitation of the impact of climate change and the promotion of renewable energy sources; preservation of flora and fauna biodiversity; protection of water resources and countermeasures to reduce/avoid desertification.

More information about the Prince Albert II Foundation and the German Ocean Foundation:
www.fpa2.com, www.meeresstiftung.de & aldebaran.org.
NGOs at the boot 2017

Many NGOs and environmental groups like the Sharkproject, yaqu pacha e.V., Sea Shepherd or HEPCA are present at the boot Düsseldorf to present their issues and campaigns.

"love your ocean" - an area to play and explore at the boot 2017

The "love your ocean" stand of the German Ocean Foundation attracts big and small boating fans with a variety of activities such as "Sounds of the Sea", a "Research Cockpit", and many more...
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