Press tour of the 48th boot Düsseldorf!

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THE WAVE - the first deep-water standing wave Hall 2

THE WAVE is a standing wave nine metres wide, which breaks on the shore in the new Surfers’ Village in Hall 2 and invites you to take a ride. Children, beginners and professionals alike can all have fun on THE WAVE. You can register for the best surfing slots every day at the boot from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.. Surfing THE WAVE is free with an admission ticket to the boot. Wetsuits and helmets will be provided by the boot. You can also find laid-back beach bars, cool surfing clothes and the latest boards in the Surfers’ Village.

  THE WAVE also represents the pinnacle of technological achievement: It has a one of a kind Deep Water Surfing System, so you can also surf on it with normal surfing boards with fins. This produces a realistic surfing experience and feels just like the ocean. Waves of varying height, from 1 metre to 1.50 metres, are created in the pool for both beginners and professionals. The water is kept at 25°C and is 1.40 m deep. Ten pumps produce the waves, thus bringing you unlimited surfing fun.

The main players:

Old hands and young guns showcased their talents on THE WAVE on Friday to herald the start of the boot. Carsten Kurmis (46) is a veteran of the wave. He was one of THE WAVE’s pioneers, who surfed on the Eisbach river in Munich and also the artificial wave in Munich Airport. Carsten also knows the most beautiful surfing locations in the world, and today he is one of the best and most long-standing Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarders in Germany. Sonni Hönscheid is also no stranger to riding the perfect wave. The 35 year old is the daughter of surfing legend Jürgen Hönscheid. She is considered the godmother of the boot’s WAVE and tested out a similar wave at the first photo shoot in September. This 12-time German wave riding champion is also very successful in the world of SUP boarding and has just won the World Championship for Ocean Stand Up Paddlers for the third time in a row. The youngest of our boot WAVERs is Fiona Wylde. She hails from the USA, has just turned 19, and is this year’s women’s SUP racing champion, having been declared “Windsurfer of the Year” at just 15. Zane Kekoa Schweitzer was certainly born into the world of surfing. The Hawaiian athlete is the grandson of the inventor of windsurfing, Hoyle, and the son of professional windsurfer Matt Schweitzer. The 22 year old is one of the most successful surfers and stand up paddle boarders on the international scene. In 2016 he won the “Ultimate Waterman” title, which is awarded to the best all-rounder on the surfing scene.

Diving - a sport for all the family Diving is on trend, excellent fun and is growing in popularity as a family sport. The boot Düsseldorf can confirm this trend, as Halls 3 and 4, where diving kit, suits and modern equipment are presented, always receive a steady stream of visitors.

Diving Tower - Hall 3

More flexible neoprene makes diving easier

The new Aquaflex neoprene suit from Aqualung is incredibly comfortable and effective in body heat retention. Unlike traditional diving suits, the entire suit is made out of super stretch neoprene, which is three times as elastic as normal neoprene. Thus, putting the suit on and taking it off is quick and easy. A special thermal insulating layer keeps heat in on the chest and back. (AQUAFLEX 349.00 Euros) Even more underwater adventures from the new diving computer A new diving computer with OLED display and a bluetooth interface has taken the diving universe by storm. This high-performance device is easy to use and facilitates the reading of diving data. It also has a bluetooth interface which delivers individual diving data to your smartphone in seconds. Then the data can be viewed and edited seamlessly with the DiverLog app. The computer has four modes of operation: Air (compressed air), Gauge (depth gauge), Nitrox (a breathing gas mixture of nitrogen and oxygen with a higher proportion of oxygen than normal air) and Free Dive (free diving) and therefore functions as a multi-purpose device. (i 750TC Diving Computer 799.00 Euros) Diving regulator passes cold water test

Calypso is an extremely reliable and hardy diving regulator. Compact and lightweight, it is perfect for beginners and diving centres. It works without a glitch, even under the most demanding conditions, and has even passed a cold water test. This means that it can also be used at water temperatures between 2° and 4°C. The mouthpiece has a patented retainer which counteracts jaw fatigue during diving. (CALYPSO 2017 249.00 Euros) AQUALUNG Hall 3/Stand E28

The Love Your Ocean Stand invites you to play interactive games and participate in activities

At the boot Düsseldorf, the Love Your Ocean Stand in Hall 4, set up by the German Ocean Foundation [Deutsche Meeresstiftung] in collaboration with Messe Düsseldorf, focuses on protecting our oceans and waters and invites you to experience research activities interactively. In the centre of the participation stand, which focuses on recycling, there is a 20 metre long model of a sperm whale.

The enthralling programme from the Love Your Ocean Stand attracts both old and young boot fans alike with its huge range of activities: In the Research Cockpit, leading research institutions and environmental associations demonstrate how growing levels of plastic pollution affect our water using specially developed analytical devices. Emily Penn and other experienced scientists conduct experiments at three research stations, together with all visitors who show an interest. You too can screen water for plastic particles here and also carry out tests on a wide range of types of water in a laboratory. This stand also presents the first action boat which can fish plastic from the water’s surface, the Seehamster. With the new Gewässerretter (Water Saver) app, the user can pinpoint water contamination immediately.

Upcycling is a new trend within recycling. In the Recycle Workshop, experienced sail makers teach children and young people how to make small ships or sea creatures from scraps of old sails. The new swimming fashion collection, made from recycled plastic bottles, has an iconic look.

Today, electric drives have become indispensable in watersports and can produce an astonishing amount of power. Test their electric mobility in two large water containers at this stand. Experiencing the sounds of the sea is a treat for the senses. At this stand, inside the skull of the sperm whale, the Sounds of the Sea exhibition by the Cousteau Society brings underwater sound to life via a range of methods and means. Headphones and a Xounts loudspeaker, with an ocean design, allow visitors to dive into the world of underwater sound with speaking fish and coral. These recordings were taken on an expedition around Central America by the Aldebaran research vessel. Sustainable and renewable raw materials, such as for example flax and cork, will also play an increasingly important role in the boat building industry in the future. The Green Building initiative demonstrates the impressive diversity of the ways in which these raw materials can be used in the watersports industry. The huge touch screen on the Love Your Ocean stand displays data from all the oceans. If you want to get below the decks with the marine researchers, you can enter the German Ocean Foundation’s national ocean competition to win an expedition with the Sea Dragon and Emily Penn.

Love Your Ocean - Stand Hall 4

An expedition into the world of super yachts

Even the most demanding boot audience will be delighted: Hall 6, the home of the super yachts, is fully booked out. A dream come true for enthusiasts of huge yachts. All of the market leaders are on-board and proffer a fantastic exhibition of ships for our visitors. All in all, 60 super yachts measuring up to 30 metres are to be found in Hall 6. These represent the crème de la crème of the sector’s current offer within the boat market.

The star of the boot 2017 is the Princess 30M (99 feet). The beautiful Princess - which you can marvel at in Hall 6/Stand B21 - hails from the UK and is both the largest and most expensive yacht exhibited at the boot. The traditional Italian company San Lorenzo (who have been building their yachts in Liguria since 1958) presents a ship worthy of fantasies at the boot 2017: the SL 78. With a top speed of 30 knots (55.56 km/h), it cuts through the waves and has enough space for up to 8 guests and 2 crew members (Hall 6/Stand A41).

A simulated race across the Rhine: play the boot’s computer game!

A long-held dream of the boot creators will be fulfilled this year: The boot computer game takes its starting position! With the help of the Start Boating campaign, the watersports trade fair has developed a game which creates, via virtual reality, a realistic trip across the Rhine to the Düsseldorf trade fair centre. Virtual reality is simulated via Oculus Rift glasses. The boat is steered with real instruments, and can also be seen on the water. This ensures that you feel as if you’re really on the motorboat, and the experience is enhanced by slipstream winds produced by a wind machine. The tour starts at the Flughafenbrücke [airport bridge], with the finishing line at the trade fair centre. Visitors can use this computer game to experience a motor boat for the first time at the Start Boating Stand.
Start Boating, Hall 10/Stand A59

Electric mobility on water is in high demand - solar and water power make it a reality

The Cruise Pod drives from Torqeedo provide a real alternative to inboard diesel engines. They can be charged in a variety of ways, with shore power, generators or solar power, and as a result this electric drive is also sought-after for longer trips. It can even produce its own drive force via hydro-generation (hydraulic power) under sail.
Torqeedo, Hall 10/Stand E40

Back to the fifties with Riva Florida

Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren and Jackie Kennedy Onassis: When you hear the name Riva in the boating world, you think of illustrious names, beautiful women and the opulence of the films of the fifties. Frequently referred to as the Rolls Royce of the ocean, Riva boats were a symbol of luxury and joie de vivre. The Riva Super Florida, one such luxury boat produced in 1959, has found a new home in the Classic Forum at the boot 2017 and can be purchased at auction from a starting price of 48,000 Euros.
Classic Forum, Hall 14, Stand E35/H21/H22

Divine sailing in France

The CNB shipyard describes the construction, design and interiors of its CNB 76 yacht as à la Francaise. It is of a refined beauty, with a style that is never gaudy but rather manifests a perfect equilibrium of symmetry and elegance. At 76 feet long (23.17 metres), the largest sailing yacht at the boot 2017 is definitely a luxury sailing yacht, but is still agile and easy to navigate.
CNB Hall 16/Stand C57

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