Get your circulation going!

Newspapers and trade publications are ideal multiplicators you wouldn't want to do without. News about new products and innovative services are your best bet. Formulate your own press release to help the journalists along. Professionally phrased facts with no advertising pitch will get the ball rolling. You can enter your text directly in the prepared download form (pdf) and send it to us as fax.

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Talking people up goes with the job

And to make sure they hear what you have to say, you'll want to have your information at the right place at the right time. The Press Guide is an important journalistic tool. So make sure it contains your information on contact persons, press conferences and even regular stand events.

It's good for business and won't cost you a penny!

 Order Form: Entry in the Press Planner

Bait the hook!

Of course you can't be everywhere at once, but your information can. With the press-pigeon-holes you can reach even the journalists you haven't met yet. The journalists come to the Press Center daily to gather information from the material left for them there in the press-pigeon-holes. Bring your hot news to the Press Centre and soon you'll have the journalist you need on the hook.

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The Nuts and Bolts of Press Liaison

Our brochure "Successfull Trade Fair Participation through Targeted Press Work" providing you with valuable tips and tricks for your press liaison at the fair.

Furthermore we compiled a Trade Press List of the most important trade magazines from all over the world. You can order it by filling in the following form.

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 Successfull Trade Fair Participation through Targeted Press Work