Pioneering #LifejacketSafe newspaper now available in German for Boot Düsseldorf 2018

Translated specially for Boot Düsseldorf in conjunction with German distributor, Nordwest-Funk GmbH (Hall 11, B41), the #LifejacketSafe newspaper is packed full of lifejacket safety tips, guest articles and games. The newspaper aims to highlight the importance of the trusted (and sometimes neglected) lifejacket. Visitors to Boot Düsseldorf can pick up their free copy from the Crewsaver stand (Hall 11, B42) to get an insight into the importance of maintaining their lifejacket and discover ways they can keep it action ready, should the unexpected happen.

In addition, the newspaper explores the history of the lifejacket, its origins and how lifejacket technology has developed - today’s lifejackets would certainly be unrecognisable to the seafaring community of the 1700’s! Plus, with Crewsaver having celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, readers can also reflect (and reminisce!) on some of the lifejacket manufacturer’s key milestones. Look out for 60 Years of Pioneering Lifejackets on page 3.

The #LifejacketSafe newspaper – a sneak peek

Q&A – Ian Walker
Designing an America’s Cup buoyancy aid
Kid’s corner
#LifejacketSafe safety tips
Which lifejacket when?
Take the #LifejacketSafe Challenge - WIN the ultimate lifejacket package
Flying with your lifejacket
Lifejackets for defence operatives

And much more!
“As a leading lifejacket manufacturer, our service to our customers does not simply stop at the initial supply.  We want to help our customers keep as safe and as well informed as possible through the entire life of their product. This newspaper aims to do just that.” - Hannah Burywood, Crewsaver Marketing Manager.

Crewsaver, which champions lifejacket safety through its #LifejacketSafe campaign, aims to increase safety awareness by highlighting the importance of not only wearing a personal flotation device, but also making sure it is worn correctly and is well maintained. The #LifejacketSafe newspaper embodies this campaign and Crewsaver’s philosophy perfectly and the company hopes readers find it an inspiring and enlightening read.

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