Patented design

After extensive engineering, we developed a reliable, high quality tow-bar for you. Our strength is in our patented holders.
What makes our holder special?

  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Minimal loose parts
  • Adjustment: the bracket is adjustable in height
  • The combination if bracket and holder ensures optimism radius, so that the point of attachment is before the outboard engines turning point: ‘’ so in the boat’’. The very compact holder ensure that the leverage on the mirror is minimized.
  • The spacing of the brackets legs lies through the holders as close as possible to the fixing points in all positions. This allows the forces to be distributed equally and efficiently to the optimum.
  • The height (117mm) of the mounting plate on the holders is maximized and applicable for the vast majority of all motors.In certain instances we offer the compact holder that will support a 79mm height. The universal mount offers maximum support because of its height. Certain engines however have a motorbracket with a small recessed mounting area. In this case TowForceOne offers a compact mount.
No matter whether you’re ready to use the TowForceOne Towbar for Fun or for commercial use. The use of a towbar reduces the power needed and has additional advantages. Every TowForceOne towbar comes pre-assembled and complete with adjustable mountingbrackets. The TowForceOne towbar is made out of strong corrosion resistant material. 
  • reduced fuel consumption when towing
  • improved course stability
  • easier handling and manoevrability when towing

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