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New Multi-Functional Biocide Will Eradicate Harmful Organisms from Fuel

Milton Keynes, UK - December 12, 2017 –

Engine failures and costs caused by contaminated fuel are prevented when boat and vehicle-owners use Hydra International’s new fuel biocide for liquid fuel. Hydra FuelPlus will ensure fuel is free from harmful organisms. It eradicates numerous different types of damaging microbes, cleans the inside of the fuel tank, and protects fuel from reinfection, even whilst a boat or vehicle is in storage.

Fuel contaminated with harmful organisms is a problem for many boat and vehicle owners. The organisms are introduced to fuel tanks via contaminated fuel, or airborne spores gain access to the fuel through ventilation systems. Common signs of infestation of fuel include dark-coloured fuel, blocked fuel filters, and poor engine performance. 

“There are over 1,500 different biological species that can use fuel as an energy source,” said Mr. John Edgar Managing Director of Hydra International. “It’s nature’s way; if there is a food source, a biological agent will grow and colonise it. The introduction of new fuel grades means more sustenance is created for even more organisms and existing biocides become obsolete or less-effective. Unfortunately, contamination can severely affect the quality and consistency of fuel and cause a build-up of excess sludge and blocked lines, filters and injectors.” 

Contaminated fuel can be a particular problem for boat owners. The fuel used in boats, especially diesel fuel, has reduced sulphur content for environmental reasons. Unfortunately, sulphur also acts as a biocide and helps the fuel to remain stable. Also, due to cost restraints, standard fuel does not have enough biocide to protect it long-term, which can be a problem for a boat that is in storage over the winter months, or not used very often. 

The multi-biocide mix in Hydra FuelPlus Biocide incorporates various modes of action to kill damaging microbes. The synergistic effect of the product ensures that any organism that survives one biocide is destroyed by another biocide included in the mix. Boat owners will not need, therefore, to purchase multi individual biocides, meaning that Hydra FuelPlus is extremely practical and cost-effective. 

In addition, Hydra FuelPlus Biocide protects fuel by preventing the regeneration of microbes. Hydra FuelPlus treats contaminated fuel at 300ppm and acts as a fuel protection product at 100 ppm. Treated fuel will remain protected for up to two years. 

Diesel fuel is not the only fuel that is disposed to microbial infestation. Biological diesels tend to attract more organisms because they hold more water than conventional diesels and an ideal environment is created for microbes to thrive. In addition, bio-diesel fuel contains elements that are particularly attractive to fungi, bacteria and yeasts, such as animal fat, fish oil, vegetable oil, and rapeseed oil.

Hydra International’s new Biocide will destroy fuel bugs and is equally effective in water and fuel phases, thereby disinfecting the walls of the fuel tank. The walls of fuel tanks may have awkward nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach and are often a source of reinfection. Find out more using the following link: 

About Hydra International 

Manufacturers and suppliers of fuel additives and treatments, Hydra International was established in 1994. All Hydra’s fuel additives are designed and manufactured to be high-quality, environmentally friendly and safe to use. Their manufacturing plant in Milton Keynes and their management systems have been certified to the following international standards ISO 9001 (Quality); ISO 14001 (Environmental); OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety). 

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