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New MOBOS®-App – improved safety for solo sailors

At "boat-show 2019" Seareq launch 2 new products of MOBOS®-System, both are worldwide unique:
The new MOBOS-APP and the new Beacons MOBOSpro

The MOBOS-Beacons are a step ahead of competing MOB-Beacons because its antennas are inside of the robust housing; maximum protected against damage. In case of emergency it's placed on the top of the inflated PFD which supports the transmission of the alert enormously.

At "boat-show 2019" the manufacturere Seareq presents 2 further features in the MOBOS range which make this device even more unique and distinctive.

New MOBOS®-App – outstanding safety for solo sailors
Worldwide MOBOS is the one and only MOB-System legalized on inland waters thanks to its own radio frequency. That's why MOBOS is not only from high interest for coastal waters but also for lakes and mountain lakes where weather can change suddenly.

Here of all things many sailors are alone onboard due to the fact that the (marriage) partner has no time or no real wish to participate. A dangerous situation - however, daily routine.

This danger is eliminated by the new MOBOS-App: If the solo sailor would fall into water MOBOS-Beacon sends out the alert to the Receiver onboard immediately. Here, nobody confirms the alarm which is the reason why the alert is forwarded automatically as SMS to a mobile phone automatically. The number of this mobile was programmed into the MOBOS-Receiver by the skipper prior he started the solo trip. On request it's possible to program several numbers into the Receiver. The App is available free of charge.
The owner of the mobile gets an SMS with precise GPS data of the boat as well as of the MOB! The speedy rescue can be initiated promptly and without time-intensive search.

The new MOBOS-App is not only for the family of a solo sailor attractive. Additionally it makes possible to the skipper to stow the display of MOBOS-Receiver inside a pocket which is more convenient than carrying a tablet. An advantage specifically for tiny cockpits.

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