Introducing the electric winch handle Ewincher at Boot Dusseldorf (stand 11D45)

Ewincher is a new powered winch handle. It has been designed to be the best helping hand on sailing boats. Ewincher is remarkably powerful, it has an outstanding battery duration, and most importantly it brings pleasure and thrill to maneuvering thanks to its unique concept.

It was inspired by electric bikes. Ewincher is shaped exactly like a traditional winch handle to which was added a smart motor. It is suitable for any action on the sheets, from hauling the main sail to trimming headsail sheets.

This powered winch handle was successfully launched during the NAUTIC Paris boat show in December 2016 and is experiencing a steady growth since then.

We are now aiming at developing in Europe and are introducing for the first time Ewincher to the BOOT. It is shown on the stand number 11D45. Anyone curious about it and willing to test Ewincher is welcome!

It is available for sale across Europe through our website www.ewincher.com or through our growing European distribution network.

Ewincher, a new kind of helping hand on sail boats

There’s a huge need for helping hands on sail boats. Some people want to sail single-handed, others are just reaching the age when they no longer have the physical strength to manually winch in the sheets. For others, winching can be very demanding and can take the fun out of a sailing sea trip.

To all these persons, electric winches are the standard solution. These products are very efficient, but they’re also expensive, complicated to install, sometimes they don’t fit in the layout of the boat, and finally they’re single-speed thus unreliable for adjustments on the sails.

Ewincher was created to answer these issues and to offer a new alternative to electric winches.

Ewincher, the electric bike of the winch handle

It is shaped exactly like a traditional winch handle.

Ewincher is 253 mm length, very ergonomic, weighs only 2.2 kg, waterproofed and it can be used at any time in three different ways:

·         In assisted mode, Ewincher does the work for you in the winch's 1st or 2nd speed

·         In manual mode, you can use Ewincher like any other winch handle to adjust.

·         You can even combine manual and assisted modes to reach exceptional hauling speeds.

Ewincher makes sailing easier without altering the experience, in order to maintain the thrill and pleasure of maneuvering.

Ewincher, featuring unique specifications:

·         It is a plug and play solution immediately available on every single winch of your boat without any installation work to do.

·         A locking system to secure the handle on board.

·         A very powerful tool, thanks to the combination of its high-quality gear box, strong outrunner brushless motor and its very efficient Lithium Ion battery.

E.g: one can lift up to the mast a load of 150 kg at 80 rpm using speed n°2 of a winch size 35

·         A strong maximum torque equivalent to 32 kg on a standard winch handle; thus, allows all the maneuvers.

·         A very large speed range from 0 to 80 rpm that allows quick maneuvers or trim adjustment.

·         A long-lasting battery, one can cruise more than a day on a 40 ft boat.

E.g: with a 15-20 knots wind, hoist 3 times the main sail and about 30 tacks or lift 3 times a 85kg crewmember up to a mast of 18 meters.

·         A removable battery with a charger system 12 VDC or 110/220 DC

 and can therefore be recharged while sailing or on land.

·         A unique connected object:

Even though connectivity may not seem essential, the Ewincher is a thoroughly modern connected object that allows the user to use a smartphone or tablet to adapt the handle's power to their needs, set up a torque limitation and monitor their efforts in real time.

In a near future it will be possible to have rope’s strength through the application.

·         A high-end product, manufactured and assembled in France.

Price and warranty

Ewincher is available at 2600€ including VAT (Ewincher handle, battery, charger, inverter, winch handle pocket and handbag). It has a 2 years warranty with a free service before purchase anniversary date.

Contact information

Alexis Ostrovick : +33 (0)6 67 80 60 90 - a.ostrovick@chrysadev.com

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