Ino-Rope SAS

Ino-Rope: three novelties and an award!

DAME Design Award: Special Mention for the Ino-Padeye!

The Ino-Padeye is the first Ino-Rope product developed in partnership with the VMG Yacht Design architecture firm: a winning team, since the collaboration between the Bretons and Swiss was recognized by the jury of the DAME Design Award, who gave the Ino-Padeye a great Special Mention!

The Ino-Padeye is an innovative screwable padeye, whose extreme simplicity makes it stand out from the competition: two parts and no screws or bolts! All you need to do is drill one hole and screw the padeye in. Thanks to its smart, reversible nut, the Ino-Padeye adapts to all kinds of widths, from monolithic to sandwich, and doesn’t require any support modification.

The elegant and refined design of the Ino-Padeye gives an excellent aesthetic finish. The ergonomics were carefully studied: the flat head of the padeye makes it compact and perfectly integrated to the deck and spars. Entirely machined in high quality anodized aluminium, the Ino-Padeye is designed to last.

Especially designed for modern ropes like Dyneema®, without chafing risks, the Ino-Padeye is the ideal connector between the deck (and the spars) of the boat and textile connectors (shackles, loops, lacing lines etc.). It comes in three sizes, for loads ranging from 800 to 3,000 kg, the Ino-Padeye is a reliable fixing point for mast foot blocks, backstays, quick release stays, 3D sheet systems, trampolines on multihulls, but also for textile standing rigging.

Ino-Snatch-Block: the first textile snatch block on the market!
Forerunner on the block and high-tech textile fibre connectors market, Ino-Rope commercializes the first textile snatch block in 2019! The Ino-Snatch-Block draws direct inspiration from the innovative concept of the Ino-Block: the patented textile axle guarantees lightness, efficiency and reliability. Weighing 35 g for a breaking load of 1,200 kg, the Ino-Snatch-Block is the lightest snatch block that exists today!
The Ino-Snatch-Block is a reliable and easy-to-use product, which can be manipulated with just one hand and makes a “clicking” sound when it is safely shut. The textile axle works as a connector (the soft shackle cannot be lost thanks to its easy-to-use pull) and allows you to fasten the block to a fixed point. The Ino-Snatch-Block is designed to last and is low maintenance (simply rinse it): thanks to textile technology, corrosion or ball bearing problems are a thing of the past!
Spare block in case one breaks, spinnaker block, genoa short-sheet block etc.: the Ino-Snatch-Block is indispensable on board!
Ino-Stopper: the smart and practical sheet stopper
"Good things always come in threes"! After the Ino-Padeye and the Ino-Snatch-Block, Ino-Rope has developed a third novelty: the Ino-Stopper, the first especially designed sheet stopper! The Ino-Stopper is designed to replace the traditional plastic balls which were originally used as handles on ropes (the knot jams into the hole). Without an adapted solution, sailors have used this product as a sheet stopper but met several drawbacks: the ball must be pierced again and the plastic doesn’t resist well to UVs or repeated spinnaker shocks.

To counter such problems, Ino-Rope developed the Ino-Stopper, a washer made in polyacetal, a resistant plastic that doesn’t crack. Extremely light, it allows to gain weight at heights (a carbon version is also available for those who are extremely weight-conscious). Its flat shape maximizes the luff length and boosts performance.

The Ino-Stopper adapts to be very easily inserted and blocked (with a simple quarter turn) inside the spliced eye of a rope. Light and resistant, the Ino-Stopper is an efficient and reliable sheet stopper which avoids snap hooks from damaging sails and sheaves or getting stuck inside when you hoist the spinnaker with full force.

A real innovating factory, Ino-Rope is currently working at full capacity: hiring is going well to accompany its growth. Born at sea, the Ino-Rope company is now setting off on land to conquer the maritime and industrial sectors, by creating products and solutions based on high-tech textile fibres.

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