Humminbird HELIX® Series

Amazing views of the water combined with countless features

HELIX®-Fischfinder-Serie / ©
As 2016 marked a new milestone for Eufaula, Alabama-based (US) fishing electronics manufacturer Humminbird, the company is looking forward enthusiastically to 2017. For the sixth year in row, the company was awarded “Best of Electronics” by attending buyers and media who cast their vote for the Humminbird HELIX® 10 SI.
Responding to customer feedaback
“We are humbled that the industry has recognized the hard work of everyone from R&D to the factory floor to make this product a reality. Likewise, we extend our thanks to dealers, distributors, and customers who’ve really embraced the product,” said Ray Schaffart, Brand Manager, Humminbird. He continued: “The HELIX 10 series started with customer feedback. From weekend anglers to pros, all users asked for common-sense features like an ultra-bright screen and an easy to use menu, while including proven technologies such as Side Imaging®, Down Imaging®, AutoChart™ Live, and LakeMaster cartography, along with Ethernet connectivity.”
HELIX®-Fischfinder-Serie / ©
Adaptable to all needs
Along those lines, anglers can select from three HELIX 10 systems that match their fishing needs, whether that means a SONAR/GPS combo unit, all the way up to the full complement of Side Imaging, Down Imaging, or both. All systems also feature  AutoChart Live right out-of-the-box for immediate user-generated mapping; no server, cloud, or PC required. Maps literally appear in front of your eyes. Likewise, all HELIX 10 systems feature Ethernet connectivity for compatibility with 360 Imaging™ and Minn Kota® i-Pilot® Link™

Broadband CHIRP
The HELIX 12 CHIRP uses long transmit pulses that sweep across bandwidths of frequencies that are then processed using advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to result in high resolution SONAR with increased target separation and reduced noise.  Enhanced target separation allows anglers to clearly identify game fish and baitfish, while reduced noise offers clear, sharp SONAR images. The pulses used by the HELIX 12 CHIRP SONAR along with the advanced DSP allow it to obtain deeper depths while maintaining optimal resolution.

Not all forms of CHIRP are created equal
While some CHIRP products only allow the angler to utilize a pre-defined frequency bandwidth.  In addition to providing pre-defined frequency bandwidths, the HELIX 12 CHIRP also allows the user to select multiple bandwidth settings to fully customize the SONAR to their unique preferences. Humminbird's HELIX 12 CHIRP also works with a wide variety of optional transducers, and it is capable of CHIRP'ing through frequencies ranging from 28kHz-490kHz on the HELIX 12 DI to a range of 28kHz-250kHz on the Helix 12 SI and GPS.

Plug and play
The HELIX 9, 10, and 12 Series cable management system allows you to connect all your networking cables at once, then secure them with an advanced clamp mechanism. The integrated screen and frame of the HELIX Series form a single, continuous surface, surrounded by an ultra-slim bezel to minimize space and maximize cool factor.
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