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Great choice, redesigned features and fresh colours

Gun Sails Segel / ©
New Materials, redesigned features and fresh colours - Gun Sails sail designer Renato Morlotti has worked on new ideas and concepts in cooperation with chief tester Philippe Vigneron across the whole product range. Support came from Peter Bijl who contributed particularly to race sail development in his role as Performance Manager. He came up with a range of great ideas for some solutions in small but important details.
Aqua - the wave sail in the new Gun Sails range
Light, agile and neutral: if you require a top handling for your wave rides, our 3-batten wave sail is a real must-have. Sailors who are looking for that ultimate kick while sailing down-the-line, or love that special action of bottom turns and off the lips, will be enthused by the agility, lightness and perfect OFF characteristics of the Aqua. With its short boom length and the centre of effort that is located further forward it is your reliable partner for all kind of manoeuvres. Even when the wind picks up, it won’t get nervous, it stays quiet and controllable and it becomes virtually invisible in waves. Despite the great neutrality, the profile of the new Aqua produces enough momentum to guarantee good jump speed at the wave crest. The Aqua is the only wave sail in our range that was designed exclusively for the use with RDM masts.
Gun Sails Segel 2016 - GS-R / ©
Torro Limited Light - differences to the serial model
The eye-catching design and an intelligent, exclusive mix of materials differentiate the Torro Limited Light from the standard model. In this sail Kevlar X-Ply is used in the main window, Kevlar Warp Laminat as strengthening of the leech and leight X-Ply from race sailing. All this sums up in a significantly reduced weight of the sail, which further incrreases the top handling characteristics of this allround sail.

GS-R - the World Cup racing sail
The re-worked , 3D-profiled mast sleeve generates a stable profile in the lower sail area that provides a constant power development in all wind forces. A newly designed panel in the sail top improves the harmonic flow of the lower and upper areas of the sail. This further segmentation of the upper area results in a better response of the sail and pushes the range of use further into higher wind ranges.
About Gun Sails:
For more than 20 years Gun Sails and their customers have been connected by their passion for windsurfing. The passionate employees of Gun Sails always have one goal in mind: top quality products for satisfied customers.
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