Gatz Athabasca 550

Fast and agile with great stability

Foto: © Gatz-Kanu

The extra long Athabasca 550 follows the remarkable concept of the Gatz-Cherokee550. Despite its size, it is easy to handle. The Athabasca 550 is an exceptional tripping canoe and will perform best on all rivers and lakes.

Hervorragender Familiencanadier
If you are looking for a canoe, which can handle almost any load, and is exceptionally good looking, here it is. The Athabasca 550 is a perfect Canadian for families, suitable as a touring boat for two persons. The wooden edge highlights the design form and reduces the overall weight. Seats can be position in many ways and the boat can take two additional seats as well.
Zur Gatz-Kanu Homepage
Technical Specifications:
Length: 550 cm
Beam: 95 cm
Height at sides: 37 cm
Höhe at front: 58 cm
Weight: from approx. 28 kg
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