Garmin Panoptix Echosounder

New echosounder with 3D-all-round-views in real time

Panoptix - Foto: © Garmin
Panoptix - yhe eye in the water. Panoptix™ echosounder features provide a comprehensive picture of your surroundings beneath the waterline. Something you have not yet seen in boating electronics so far. You get a real-time picture of the area below and arround your boat. Within the range you can see fish in 3D. Recognize your bait when you eject it or reel it back in, and see fish swimming in front of or under the ship. You can even distinguish fish chasing your bait.
Panoptix Forward
Whether cruising or fishing, Panoptix transducers are available in forward and down configurations with mounting styles to suit your boating needs. Panoptix Forward offers two impressive views, even if the vessel has zero speed. It shows in real time the ground as well as fish and bait in the detection area in front of the ship. You can even see your bait when you reel it in. Also 3D views of fish and structures on the ship are shown.

LiveVü voraus
This view is reminiscent of a live video and displays fish, approaching the ship or receeding from it. The data is being updated with a single transmitter pulse, giving you a real-time moving image of the conditions in the water.
RealVü 3D voraus
There are three Panoptix Forward views, including LiveVü Forward, RealVü 3D Forward for fishing and FrontVü for collision avoidance. These are available on transducers with either transom or trolling motor mounts. RealVü Forward scans the area in front of your boat, creating a forward-looking 3D view of the bottom, structure and fish. You can control how quickly the forward area is scanned to provide greater or less detail, making it very easy to identify where the fish really are.

FrontVü helps to give you time to avoid collisions with submerged obstacles, FrontVü provides a look forward that shows underwater obstructions within a 300-foot range as you approach them in real time.
Panoptix Down
Panoptix Down provides real-time moving sonar images below the boat. With LiveVü Down, see small baitfish and large target fish swimming around and pinpoint their distance left or right, and their depth.
RealVü 3D Historical
RealVü 3D Historical gives you a wealth of sonar data. It scrolls through the data as the boat moves to show the history of entire water columns – from the bottom to the surface and all of the fish in between. Bottom contours and fish pop in vivid color in three dimensions.

RealVü 3D Down
RealVü 3D Down digitally scans the area below the boat from front to back and side to side. A full 3D view of the area under the boat is constructed, showing bottom contour changes, fish and structure, even while stationary.
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