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Focus on revamped ABIM Classic 124

ABIM Yachting in Ossenzijl (Netherlands) has set the standard for steel multi-chine motor yacht design for almost a decade now. Since the introduction of the first ABIM Classic, a type designation was used to indicate the length of the model. ABIM Yachting has now made some changes to the original design so that, as of 2017, all ABIM Classic models will have an extra 60 cm in length, and will thus offer more space and comfort.

As a result of this extension, the type numbers have been adapted to the new dimensions.

The new ABIM Classic 124 Exclusive, measuring 12.40 m in length, will be presented at "Boot Düsseldorf".


The ABIM Classic has also been restyled. The salon has been extended, and light materials have been used throughout the ship. What remained unchanged is its excellent sailing performance, the large afterdeck (12 m2) and the couch with storage space for two folding bikes.

Professional expertise

‘Knowledge sets the course’ is the motto of yard owners Peter and Dinie Oord. This couple gained their knowledge and experience in watersports. “We started with a sailing school and consciously chose to make the switch to yacht construction. Although we’re now the owners of a shipyard, we’ve remained active watersport enthusiasts.”

That the design of the ABIM Classic is based on these sailing instructors’ wealth of experience is unmistakable.

ABIM Yachting selects its materials and suppliers with great care, and pays much attention to detail in order to create a remarkably luxurious finish.


Each new model is extensively tested. You can find Peter and Dinie Oord almost every weekend on the water. Every summer they sail through Europe on a ABIM Classic and post their adventures on www.abim.eu

 You can find the ABIM Classic 124 in hall 17, at stand A 21

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