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Hot Spots for Divers from April to August

Five Diving Destinations for Spectacular Dives

Temperatures are rising outside, the equipment has been taken from its winter storage, checked and prepared for the next dive. Finally, after a long winter, the diving season is about to start. Find out what's going on this season and what are the places to be in the coming months - our boot diving blogger Bettina Winert has some great ideas for the first half of the new diving season.

Germany has not only a beautiful coast on offer, but also a lot of fascinating lakes all over the country. If you have to wait until the summer for the next longer holiday, you can open the diving season in local waters around Germany. Many diving clubs, diving centers as well as cities and municipalities organize various events for the start of the season. Traditionally, cleaning activities are organized at many lakes and streams. If you want to contribute to a better diving environment, you can help collect rubbish above and below the waterline.

Diving destinations for the start of the season
If you are headed for destinations further away, you should make inquiries about your planned diving destination in advance. Some destinations offer ideal conditions all year round, while others have absolute highlights on offer at certain times of the year. Of course, there is never a guarantee, as nature remains unpredictable even for divers. But you can greatly increase the chances of fascinating encounters with wild-life under water at certain times of the year.

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Foto: Tauchausrüstung
Foto: Abtauchen in heimischen Gewässern
Foto: Tauchen im See
Foto: Tauchen in Seen
Foto: Tauchgang im See

Recommendations from April to August

April - riffs of the Red Sea
Dives to the untouched reefs of the Red Sea are on offer exclusively from safari boats in Sudan. For this type of diving trip divers should have at least 50 logged dives as well as some experience of diving in blue water. In April, the thermocline is not at such great depths, so large fish can also be seen in shallow dives. Sudan is famous for its big schools of hammerhead sharks.

May - whale sharks off Galapagos
In May it is pleasantly warm in the Red Sea and in Egypt, but not too hot. The weather is ideal for diving safaris or a dive holiday in one of the numerous hotles. If you would like to see bigger fish and a are prepared for a longer journey, ideal diving conditions can be found in Baja California or the Galapagos Islands. Whale sharks will be passing by in May.

Foto: Küste von Südafrika
Foto: Azoren
Hai / Foto: © Bettina Winert
Foto: Wrack vor Kroatien
June - nature's unique spectacle off South Africa
In the South African winter giant swarms sardines are passing by the coast. They attract large fishes that feed on them. This unique natural spectacle attracts divers to South Africa every year. If possible, take a longer break for this holiday as it can never be predicted exactly when the Sardine Run is going to happen.

July - big fish off the Azores
Who wants to encounter big fish in Europe, should descend into the Atlantic off the Azores. In July, the warm gulf stream meets the archipelago, pushing the cold and plankton-rich water away, allowing clearer views. From July on, the sea is also generally much calmer, although conditions can change any time.

August - Croatia lures with wrecks
Ever wanted to go for a dive with the legendary Great White? Well, then the islands of Guadeloupe are your prime destination in August. Somewhat closer home in Europe, Croatia is luring divers to Istria with sunny weather and stunning wrecks.

Author: Bettina Winert


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