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Discover County Brandenburg by boat

Brandenburg per Boot - Foto: © TMB / Yorck Mäcke
Sail on a quiet canal, enjoy the wide openness of a lake, glide slowly through an idyllic and unspoiled river landscape, anchor in a sunny bay for bathing or discover the big city from the waterside: A boating holiday in Brandenburg holds fascinating experiences and impressions in store for you. With about 3,000 lakes and more than 33,000 km inland rivers and waterways Brandenburg has more water on offer than any other county in Germany.
Boating in an unspoiled landscape
It is a landscape of waterways, rivers and lakes unique to Brandenburg that will fascinate you with its remoteness and wilderness. Boating and enyoing nature are one here: Many waterways are located within great nature reserves such as the Spree Forrest, Western Havelland Nature Park or the Uchermark Lakes. Watersports fans will find a refreshing vacation paradise, be it on board a motorboat on picturesque canals, while paddling along idyllic rivers or sailing on the beautiful lakes of Brandenburg. If you do not own a boat yourself, there is a huge choice of charter boats from more trhan 250 boat renatl companies of all sorts. From canoes to sailing and motoryachts.
Environmentally-friendly sailing holidays
Sailboats offer an environmentally friendly and yet active way to experience the boating destination Brandenburg. It is still insiders knowledge that Brandenburg's lakes are perfect for sailing, as many still associated the word 'sailing cruise' with open waters. Yet the lakes in Brandburg offer a perfect setting and best conditions for both sportive dinghy sailing and cruising with the typical Brandburg 'Jollenkreuzer' (centerboard cruiser) or a small keel yacht.

With a set-up to lower the mast and an outboard engine almost all lakes and waterways lay open before you for cruising. And a fresh breeze usually comes for free!
1.600 km of navigable waters
Experience Brandenburg with the motor yacht or houseboat: 1600 km of navigable waters for motorized boats offer the perfect setting. For 350 km of these even no boating license is required. However, it is not only the simple length of the waterways netwo
rk, but also the great variety in their character and structure - a splendid mix of natural rivers, idyllic canals and tranquil lakes. Additionally, you will see cities like Potsdam and Berlin with a wealth of attractions and cultural events. A choice of modern marinas, simple rest areas or restaurants and pubs with boat moorings are available throughout the county and meet international standards.
Quelle: reiseland-brandenburg.de
Boat rental & Licenses
Those who do not own a baot can choose from a great variety of charter companies with a total of several hundred motoryachts, houseboats and sail boats. Even if you have no boating license yet, you can spend a holiday on a houseboat with abou 350 km of waters navigable without license. Your charter company will provide you with a brief introductory course and issue a limited charter licence.
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