Drettmann Explorer Yacht 24

State of the Art on 24 meters

DEY 24 - Foto: © Drettmann Yachts
An absolute eye-catcher no matter which way you look at it: the new Drettmann Explorer Yacht (DEY) is guaranteed to draw attention at the 2016 international yacht show in Düsseldorf. The immediately striking aspect of the new yacht is the sleek, masculine exterior design, which highlights the sportiness of the DEY. When it comes to the interior design, however, the focus is on stylish variety. A true feast for the eyes: not only beautiful, but functional and comfortable in every single detail, regardless of whether you prefer traditional or modern furnishings.
Setting new standards
In terms of comfort and innovation, this impressive 175-ton and accordingly large yacht sets new standards which were previously unheard of in this class. This is particularly evident from features such as the spacious beach club with sauna and lounge area, or the sensational diesel electric POD drive which not only makes the yacht more economical, comfortable and simpler to sail, but simultaneously enables efficient use of space. “The new drive system is based on tried and tested technology, but this is the first time that it has been used in a yacht of this class anywhere in the world. This makes sailing much more fun, makes the vessel perfectly easy to steer, reduces maintenance and optimises energy utilisation,” states Claudia Drettmann.
Success story
The new DEY is the outcome of decades of experience and a passion for yachts that the Drettmanns have proved time and again over the years – also at the boot Düsseldorf: the Elegance Series, predecessors of the Drettmann Motor Yachts (DMY), were first presented back in 1998 and no fewer than seven vessels were sold at their premiere showing at the fair. The Bandido yachts, forerunners of the DEY series, were also a smash hit right from the start, when they were first launched at the Düsseldorf Boat Show in 2007. One of them actually found a buyer a day before the show even opened.

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The two new yacht series offered by Drettmann in lengths of between 20 and 45 metres are expected to meet with similar success. “After more than 45 years in the yacht business and with sales of more than 10,000 vessels including more than 1500 new build projects in lengths of up to 54m, we have a sufficient basis for comparison to say that our new yachts are state-of-the-art today and will be the classics of tomorrow,” is how Albert Drettmann describes the second generation of the company’s Explorer and Motor Yacht series.
Technical Specifications:
Length over all: 23,90 m
Beam:  6,76 m
Draft: 2,70 m
Displacement: < 300 t
Speed:13 kn
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