Diving destinations for beginners

Germany and Austria have many fascinating spots for newcomers

Tauchen am Attersee - Foto: ©  © OÖTourismus-Erber
Diving certificate, diving equipment, dive buddy - all there. And now? Well, go diving, of course! But where? Who wants to go diving in the holidays or on weekends without having to travel for hours by plane, should first explore the interesting dive sites in Germany. Many of these actually offer ideal conditions for beginners to apply practically what they have learned in their diving courses.
Löbejün near Halle on Saale
The three diving potholes in Löbejün have depths of up to 23 m and are really interesting. The first pothole is characterized by a particularly high abundance of fish and good visibility. The second, which requires a longer walk, has particularly clear visibility though there are fewer fish in here. The third pothole houses a strong population of Galician crayfish. All three diving potholes include some old industrial plants with rail tracks, a pump house and some tipping wagons.
Chalk Lake at Hemmoor near Cuxhaven
The Chalk Lake at Hemmoor near Cuxhaven is a lake that has a lot on offer for beginners and andvanced divers alike. Due to the depth of up to 60 m and the low water temperatures it is not one of the easiest diving spots for beginners. There is a lot to learn here. But the effort is rewarded with great sights of the sunken industrial plant as well as cars, a sailboat and a plane.

Diving destinations for beginners in Germany & Austria

Discover a selection of great dive sites for beginners in Germany and Austria: There is a lot to explore in reefs, sunken industrial plants, open-pit mines or wrecks.
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Hohenwarte in Thuringia
The Hohenwarte water reservoir, which has a depth of up to 70 meters, has a big population of native fish and is accessible for beginners and advanced divers alike. Partiucularly the excerising plattforms in 6 and 15 meters depth near the base station are a great option for beginners.
The Lakes of Salzkammergut region in Austria
The good water quality, which allows more than 20 m of sight in winter time, attracts divers from all over Europe to the Salzkammergut Lakes in Austria. Easy access and a number of platforms also make these lakes very attractive for beginners. The Attersee, for example, offers a sunken forest and so much variety of the underwater landscape and wildlife that new spots remain to be discovered on return visits. In Lake Traunfall cavities and sunken buildings can be found in one part, in the other divers get immersed in crystal clear spring water. The Grundlsee is a hotspot for watching eels in a natural habitat.

Source: www.diveinside.de
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