Diving destinations for beginners abroad

Many holiday destinations offer diving spots suitable for beginners

Taucher auf den Malediven
There are various ways how to go about planning a diving holiday: You can either book a package holiday or go searching for dive bases at your planned destination yourself. Most guided dives are organized by local dive bases, and this offers perfect opportunities for beginners as they are not left on their own. In most cases, dive bases are also connected with  local diving schools. This makes learning to dive during your holidays a real option for an exciting vacation.
Mallorca is an ideal diving destination for beginners, as the dive sites around the island generally have no major perils. The shallow depths between five and 22 meters protect beginners from diving too deep. Different rock formations, corals, anemones, eels, groupers, barracuda and more offer even inexperienced divers a great variety of impressions.

One of the best dive destinations in the Mediterranean is the island of Malta. With its crystal clear water and many caves and caverns Malta attracts many divers, whether novice or expert. Especially the island of Gozo scores with fascinating dive sites.
Along the almost 6,000 kilometers of coastline in Croatia, there are countless dive sites. Surely there is a suitable destinations for all interests and levels of difficulty. However, divers require a diving permit in Croatia which can be purchased at local dive centers. The Craotian coast is characterized by hardly any sandy beaches, but fascinates with its cliffs and underwater caves. The countless islands off the mainland coast also invite you to stay on and go for more dives. The further south you go, the better and more beautiful flora, fauna, visibility and climate. In addittion there are also many cultural sights and events to explore on land in Croatia.

Diving destinations for beginners in Germany & Austria

Discover a selection of great dive sites for beginners in Germany and Austria: There is a lot to explore in reefs, sunken industrial plants, open-pit mines or wrecks.
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All along the coast of the Red Sea diving sites just wait for you to be explored. It is surely one of the most prominent diving destinations in the world. Great coral reefs and an amazing variety of fish as well as fascinating wrecks for more advanced divers - all this is diving in Egypt. Especially the cities Sharm El-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam have become hotspots for diving touristes from around the world. What makes diving so easily accessible here is that you can go for great dives at the house reefs directly of the coast and do not need to take boats to the diving spots.
Foto: © Muräne in Ägypten
Diving in picturesque landscape and throughout the year. A variety of diving sites and providers across the country offer dives & diving courses. English and German language speaking dive centers can be found in Phuket, Khao Lak, Pak Meng and Koh Phi Phi, some quite well renowned.

The Maledives are a particulary scenic and divers diving destination: You will find steep underwater cliffs,  drop offs and drift diving as well as wreck diving. Many of the islands have their own reefs, which are also great spots for snorkeling.

Yucatan, Mexico
Exotic flora and fauna, beaches and testimonies of the ancient Mayan culture in the jungle, the Yucatan Peninsula in southeastern Mexico has all this on offer for great holidays. Going further south on the peninsula helps to escape the touristic mainstream, staying around Cancun however means you are right at the center of it. Yucatan is so special because the world's second largest barrier reef (Great Barrier Reef lies off Australia) is just off the coast of the peninsula. Dives are possible directly from the beach or after only short boat rides. Slightly further advanced divers can also dive along the cliffs or in the karst cave system.

Source: www.diveinside.de
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